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Thailand and Japan

I leave today on my 32nd #ApostolicJourney. Dear friends in Thailand and Japan, before we meet, let us pray together that these days may be rich in grace and joy.

2019/11/19 09:00:00
Noriko Kinoshita Amen 🙏
Hsjw Lekekek ....the.holly.virgin..grazie..prayer.for.yours.buon.natale..amen..

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Pray for Burkina Faso

My thoughts go out to beloved Burkina Faso, where an attack has killed many people. I entrust to the Lord the victims and all those who suffer as a result of such tragedies. I appeal to the Authorities to promote inter-religious dialogue and harmony.

2019/11/13 10:00:00
Hsjw Lekekek ....the.holly.virgin..grazie..prayer.for.yours..buon.natale..amen..
Rosalina Vitales amen...praying for peace . eauvharistic heart of jesus through the infinite value of each holy sacrifice of the mass we offered now and untill the end if time have mercy on us and on the whole world amen

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Christians in Syria

I am close to Armenian Catholics of Qamishli, in Syria, as they gather for the funeral of their parish priest, Father Hovsep Bedoyan, who was killed yesterday together with his father. I pray for them, their families, and for all Christians in Syria.

2019/11/12 13:50:00
Hsjw Lekekek ....the.holly.virgin..grazie..prayer.for.yours..buon.natale..amen..
Vimal I pray to soften the heart of those who perscute the christains in syria

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Pray for the dead

Dear friends, in this month of November, we are invited to pray for the dead. Let us entrust our family members, friends and acquaintances to God, especially in the Eucharist, feeling them close to us in the spiritual company of the Church. #GeneralAudience

2019/11/06 11:50:00
Hsjw Lekekek ....the.holly.virgin..grazie..prayer.for.yours.buon.natale..amen..
tlohmi My father Thomas and mother in law Anita that recently passed away in 2019

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Pray for Ethiopia

I am saddened by the violence against Christians in the Tewahedo Orthodox Church of Ethiopia. I express my closeness to this Church and to the Patriarch, dear brother Abuna Matthias, and I ask you to pray for all the victims of violence in that land.

2019/11/04 11:40:00
Lydia Alyek Father may they be one as we are one. Lord that was part of your prayer in John 17. Have mercy on your people. We believe that with you everything is possible
Hsjw Lekekek ....the.holly.virgin..grazie..prayer.for.yours..buon.natale..amen..

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Pray the #HolyRosary for the mission of the Church

In these last days of October, I invite you to pray the #HolyRosary for the mission of the Church today, especially for men and women missionaries who encounter the greatest difficulties. #MissionaryOctober

2019/10/28 09:40:00
Hsjw Lekekek ....the.holly.virgin..grazie..prayers.for.yours..buon.natale..amen..
Rosalina Vitales eaucharistic heart of jesus burning with love for us inflame our heart with love for you that every one will do your will and oray always the holy rosary with the intercesion of our mother the virgin mary amen

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Pray for Syria

My thoughts go once more to the Middle East. In particular to the beloved and tormented Syria, from which tragic news is once again arriving with regard to the fate of the populations in the North-East of the country, among these populations there are also many Christian families.

2019/10/14 15:30:00
Hsjw Lekekek ....the.holly.virgin..grazie..prayer.for.yours..buon.natale..prayer.for.peace.and.conversation..amen..
Rosalina Vitales praying for all people in seria eaucharistic heart of jesus we adore you and we praise you in union with the nine choires of angels pls.help all of you mankind creatures on earth amen

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Pray for Ecuador

I entrust it to our common prayer and to the intercession of the new Saints, and I unite myself to the grief for the dead, the wounded and the dispersed. I encourage the seeking of social peace, with particular attention to the most vulnerable populations, to the poor and to human rights.

2019/10/14 10:00:00
Hsjw Lekekek ....the.holly.virgin..grazie..prayer.for.yours..prayer.for.peace.and.conversation..buon.natale..amen..
Terran Military Let us pray also for animal rights, for god gave us all the animals as property, and in such ownership animals have the right to be owned. the sons of god took the daughters of man as their own as well, and their decendants are property of the Word. Please, PRAY FOR MY POLITICAL RIGHTS!

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Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazon Region

I ask you to accompany this important ecclesial event with prayers, so that it may be experienced in fraternal communion and docility to the Holy Spirit, who always shows the ways for bearing witness to the Gospel.

2019/10/07 07:00:00
Hsjw Lekekek ....the.holly.virgin..grazie.prayer.for.yours..prayer.for.peace.and.conversation..buon.natale..amen..
Rosalina Vitales praying for all of clrlergys and priests and especialy for our pope and all his intentions amen

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Pray for Cameroon

I invite everyone to pray so that this dialogue might be fruitful and lead to peaceful, just and lasting solutions, to everyone’s benefit

2019/09/30 10:00:00
Hsjw Lekekek ....the.holly.virgin..grazie..prayer.for.yours..prayer.for.peace.and.conversation..buon.natale..amen..
AnnetteK Amen🙏

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