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Thank you Lord

With the Lord's guidance I was able to pass my midterm today. Thank you for watching over me Jesus

2017/02/25 00:46:00
AP Congratulations
AP Praise the Lord. Amen.

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Upcoming test

Prayers for knowledge. I didn't pass my med math and if I don't pass I can't continue in school. I retired from the army so I could pursue being a nurse and now I'm scared that I've messed it up.

2017/02/09 14:59:58
Sarah Duncan Praying for you - as AP said, have faith God is in control and has a plan for you even though you may not see it yet. Trust in Him! Praying that you will pass these upcoming tests and should that not be the case, praying that you will feel God's strength to bear the challenges. He will never leave you - remember that!
Charles Lynch From a fellow Soldier...hang in there...do not give up...God is with you!

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Prayers for class

Prayers for my nursing class that Jesus will be with us during our tests tommorow

2017/02/02 18:26:19
AP I went through nursing school not long ago. God bless you for your career choice and may God watch over all students during their learning. Amen.
Cindy Díaz May God be with you.

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Pray for me

Jesus please help me today. I am a mess and scared.

2017/01/31 10:53:52
AP God be with you frank. Praying. Amen.
Jan Saur May God fill you with His peace today and always.

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Prayers for my first day of school that the Lord will watch over me and protect me.

2017/01/25 09:10:14
AP Praying you have a good day at school

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