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Prayer of Thanks

Dear merciful, loving Heavenly Father, I am so very grateful for your protection during my MediPort placement procedure on Wednesday. I had a blood draw, and chemo treatment yesterday, and did not feel a thing. Thank you Almighty God. In Jesus name I thank you and love you. Amen.

2020/12/11 13:10:11
ara.sul ♥️🙏♥️the power of prayer and the lords help be well

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prayer for my nephew Lou

Dear merciful,loving Heavenly Father, please help my nephew Lou recover fully from his back surgery. He has difficulty walking and will need PT to help him walk. He is a family oriented man, and needs to be able to take care of them. In your mercy please help him recover fully. In Jesus name I pray.

2020/11/15 14:57:48
angie 🙏

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please say a prayer for my nephew Lou

Dear merciful loving Heavenly Father, please in your mercy help Lou recover fully from his back surgery. He suffered some complications after his surgery which caused him great discomfort, but my niece, his wife told me he is doing better today. Thank you merciful Father. In Jesus name. Amen

2020/11/13 13:57:46

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Prayer for my nephew having surgery today

Dear merciful and loving Heavenly Father, please guide the hands of the surgeon who will operate on my nephew Lou today. Please keep Lou safe during this surgery, and help calm down his wife and children. Lou is a wonderful family man, and his family needs him healthy. In Jesus name I ask this. Amen

2020/11/10 13:14:27
Landa Micheline Notre Dame de Lourdes, prie pour lou, le neveu de Robert et pour tous les chirurgiens, en particulier mon cousin Pascal et celui qui va opérer cet homme. Bénis sa famille, Seigneur Jésus ! Loué sois tu Seigneur ! Notre secours est dans le Nom du Seigneur qui a fait le ciel et la terre !

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Pray for Joey

Dear merciful,loving Heavenly Father, please send your healing grace to my nephew Joey. He has been disabled by a serious back injury, and is very depressed. He is seeing a neurosurgeon today, to see if he can be helped by surgery. In Jesus name I ask your mercy for Joey. Amen.

2020/10/19 11:08:52

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Prayer for peace

Dear merciful and loving God Almighty, please let your children here in this beautiful world you created come to peace among us. To put aside differences and to reach out to one another to help us through this wonderful journey of life. In the name of your Son, Jesus Christ we ask this. Amen.

2020/10/03 12:16:23
🇵🇭vergaraE 🌿🙏Amen

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Prayer of gratitude

Dear merciful and loving Heavenly Father, I ask all to join with me in thanking our God for all the good and beauty in our world. And to conquer and abolish evil people and actions. We are very fortunate to live in a beautiful and just country. God bless our leaders and protect them. Amen.

2020/09/18 13:22:50

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Bring peace to my heart

Dear loving Almighty Father, by your grace please ease my anxiety and give peace to my heart. I have many obstacles in front of me, most worrisome is my terminal cancer. I also have worries about finances. Please help me live peacefully with issues I cannot change, and find solutions for the others.

2020/09/09 11:57:21
EJ324 🙏

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prayer for peace

Dear merciful God Almighty, we ask your help in restoring peace to our country, and to the world. There is too much violence against people, when we should love our neighbor and not demonstrate hatred toward them. All our young people need a future in a peaceful world. Have mercy on us.

2020/09/05 11:13:14
Brendan D May the peace of the Lord our God descend from Heaven upon us if he wills it. Amen.

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thankful for a new day to praise our Creator

Dear merciful God Almighty, thank you for this beautiful new day where we can praise you and thank you for giving us life. We thank you for sending your Son to us, who died on the cross to redeem of our sins and offering us eternal life in your Kingdom. Praise you, Holy Trinity. Amen

2020/08/29 10:55:08

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