Her Fran

Saint Lucia
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Thank You Father for the life of Uncle L. Though we are sad he could not stay with us any longer, we understand that his journey was up and You needed him for another purpose. We are grateful to have had him in the family. May we continue to use the example of his love and kindness to help others. Bless his soul and may he rest in eternal peace.

2018/08/26 00:22:18
Her Fran Thank you both for your beautiful & faithful prayer. God bless you.
Victoire N K God bless you & your family Her Fran. En union de prière avec vous pour le repos de son âme.

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Good Lord ruler of Heaven and Earth, thank You for saving us during the passage of the earthquake yesterday. You know what is best for us and put us in the right place at the right time. Pour out your Grace on those who were effected and help them to recover. Father we ask that we remain constantly aware of Your awesomeness. In Jesus' name. Amen

2018/08/23 01:57:37
Her Fran Amen.
Victoire N K Amen!

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Lord God Heavenly Father I thank you for the family you chose for me. Please give my uncle strength to endure the pain he is going through right now. If it be Your will please help the Doctors and Nurses find a solution to help him. Have mercy on him, heal him, save him, free him. Through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

2018/08/15 01:25:21

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To God be the glory. Great things He has done now and forever.

2018/08/13 15:40:41
Cindy Díaz Amén.
AP Amen

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Lord I give thanks for all Your wonderful blessings in my life, since You brought me into this world. Have mercy on me when I show ungratefulness. Please heal me of any maladies or diseases and save me from limited bodily functions. Grant me freedom from any negativity which will distract me from Your glory. Please bless my family in Jesus' name.

2018/08/05 11:05:14
Her Fran Thank You AP. Blessings to you and family.
AP Thank you for sharing. What a great prayer

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Power of Your Love

Heavenly Father I come to You in humility and thankfulness for giving us Your son to save us. Please help us to live our lives always pleasing to You and in accordance with Your word. May Your light continue to shine upon us that others may see and follow the good deeds You require of us without fear. In the mighty precious name of Jesus I pray.

2018/07/28 11:40:25
AP Amen
Victoire N K Amen

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Father of mercy have pity upon my sinful soul. Forgive me for taking You for granted. Help me to be more appreciative of the blessing that You have bestowed upon my family and I. I am ever grateful. Guide me to use my blessings to help the less fortunate in their time of need. This I ask through Your merciful Son. AMEN.

2018/07/17 11:07:40
Patricia K. God bless you and thank you so much for such a beautiful prayer! You and your intentions will be in my prayers. I pray that we all are able to use the blessings that we have been so graciously given to pass on the love of God that He gives so freely and abundantly, as well as to bring the Good News that we have been given to those who lack in faith for the purpose if their salvation and greater good and for the glory of our Almighty Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and the adoration of our Mother of the Sorrowful Heart. May all be armed with there faith in times of struggle and be blessed with all needed gifting and graces to lead the life that they were meant to in God's eyes, as He most lovingly planned it before time began. May we all fully appreciate the merciful love of our Almighty Father and the forgiveness He loving and generously gives His children. That we may all acknowledge and appreciate everything that He does for us, and love Him for who He is! In Jesus beautiful, holy name I pray. Amen
AP Amen. Thanks for sharing. Needed to hear this!

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Lord on this overcast Sunday morning I pray the we remain safe during the impending storm. Fill us with kindness so we can help the less fortunate in their time of need to lessen their pain and suffering. I ask You this in the mighty and precious name of Jesus.

2018/07/08 11:36:56
AP Sending my prayers to you for your safety

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All Praise to You Almighty King

Lord I thank you for Your great mercy on my brother through his by-pass surgery. Bless the Doctors so they may continue saving precious lives. Thank You for giving my brother another chance to live and be with his family. I know You will be with him through his recovery. Be merciful to him & his family. Give them patience to endure. In Jesus name.

2018/06/27 10:56:59
Esmeralda Amen
Her Fran You.

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Thank You Father of the Universe

One this rainy morning Lord I come to give You glory and praise for a new day. For allowing me to see, hear, speak, feel and taste all the goodness that You have prepared for us. Forgive me for the times I rush out without giving praise for Your presence. Help me to alway remember that You are always present at my side. In Jesus' Holy name I pray.

2018/06/23 11:47:13
Mathieu Anne-Jeanne Amen
AP Amen

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