Teresa Gutierrez

United States
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prayer partners we must pray for the new president

We need to pray that the new president keeps giving money to Israel and they don't stop helping them please we need to keep helping them and pray for peace if or the world and that the United States keeps helping people in need pray care and forgive each other most of all peace in this world

2021/01/14 00:14:54

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prayer for healing of my brother Tommy

My brother needs healing of his whole body he has Pneumonia please pray he gets better and the medicine they gave him works and he is healed please lord I ask u lord for healing upon my brother Tommy I. The name of Jesus thank u lord for healing him amen thank u all for your prayers I appreciate u a

2021/01/14 00:08:42
Heingel Hastling Hope all goes well

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pray for my niece Bernice

Pray for my niece Bernice that she has peace at her home . And her brother and sister are doing the right thing for her to help her and not harm her please pray they don't upset her anymore my niece has had a few storks please pray they help her and she gets a new care giver to help her really help

2021/01/14 00:04:19

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pray for Diana

Pray for Diana she is a cancer servivor and now they found a lump on her Breast pray it is nothing may god be with her and its nothing she is worry about it but we know god has her back pray it's nothing thank u . And

2021/01/14 00:00:16

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prayer for Darlene Hector Diana Joe paschal

Prayer please for my friends brothers Joe, pascal a full recovery from Covid and pray for Hector has mental illness and is homeless pray they find a hospital for him and pray for he's sister Darlene also has metal illness pray she also gets help and can live alone and take her medicine pray Diana i

2021/01/13 23:40:21
angie 🙏

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pray for peace with each other no more hate

Pray we all learn to care for each other no matter what creed race u are let's pray we learn to love help care and own up to our wrongs and right to make a effort to get to know other people that are not like us give them a chance and u will find out that we are alike people are afraid of the unknow

2021/01/11 00:58:22

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pray for all the children in this world

Pray all the children being abused hurt sexual abuse sex trafficking pray that they catch there abusers that there is a stop to this please pray they are exposed and they get prosecuted please we need to pray this stops . No children should be hurt we need to pray this stops. Prosecuted everyone

2021/01/11 00:09:24

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prayer for this world for peace

Prayer for this world that everyone gets the vaccines everyone in this world that the poor nations get the vaccine please and the doctors nurses first responders elderly the people that need it more pray for this world to love each other to care for one other no more hate. To help each other bless u

2021/01/11 00:02:25

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prayer for me Terry healing voice

I have vocals that need healing god heal my vocals please I claim healing over me and claim healing over Tommy Anthony Krystal Ethan Juliet frank Bernice Yola Sung me Terry I claime healing over all of us and everyone in this world in Jesus name amen . Just healing lord for this world too a peaceful

2021/01/10 23:57:04

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pray for my friend Rashmi , Erin family

Prayer for Rashmi family her husband family keeps bother him about pass problems he needs peace on that matter pray they stop and pray for Erin's family that they pay there bills and keep there family restaurant peace for them . Prayer for my cousin heals from Covid he is out of hospital rest home n

2021/01/10 23:50:15

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