Teresa Gutierrez

United States
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prayer for my brother Tommy

My brother had C on his bones please pray for healing for my brother he is in pain pray for a miracle from god . God said by his strips he is healed .well I'm standing on your word lord for healing over my brother body in the name of Jesus amen that's my only brother left my other two brother pass

2021/02/26 03:38:18

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pray gods angels are with us all

God I ask u lord to please watch over us all and lord deal with our enemies at all times . Lord please heal all the people in the hospitals that are sick in this world mental sickness heal cancer watch over homeless most of all kids that are abused elderly abuse angels protect them please lord

2021/02/25 03:24:38
Chan Phil 🙏🏻Amen

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prayer for my brother Tommy

Pray my brother calls me and lets me know he is ok and pray healing over him please pray by gods strips Tommy is healed of his legs arms bones his whole body in the name of Jesus amen pray he gets help and has a home please I care so much for my brother pray for healing and he has food water home

2021/02/25 03:16:18
colls 🙏🙏🙏

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pray when I go back to work I have peace

Pray my lord angels and my lord is with me and my coworker no weapon formed against shell prosper. That the enemies at work all the haters and my manger that lied about us that our lord handles them let it be gods will be done amen most of all please pray they remove Jerry thank u all I appreciate u

2021/02/25 02:08:09

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prayer for a lady name Monica

Prayer for Monica she has been married 25 years and her marriage is very bad now her and her husband are not getting along and fighting in front of there kids please pray they stop and they both try marriage therapy before divorce. Pray her husband wants to go together no more fights and gossip

2021/02/25 01:56:48

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prayer for my co worker R

My coworker will be calling our supervisor pray our supervisor listens to her and understand her open heart and ears mind. Our mgr called us to today and told us to stay home that our attitude has changed and she will call us when to come back to work please pray we do go back to work soon move mgr

2021/02/19 20:34:11
Felizardo Zards Perales Amen🙏🙏🙏
AP Sending my prayers to you and your coworkers and your work situation

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prayer for the Indiana the farmers

Please pray for the Indian farmers they need help please pray they are in trouble with the government please pray gods will be done for all the framers all I know is that these farmers need our prayers don't let the big companies take over them they really need out prayers for help government help

2021/02/19 20:29:59
Chan Phil 🙏🏻Amen

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please prayer partners need your help

Please pray that me T and E and R get our jobs back soon gods will be done pray that our supervisor listens to us and we get our jobs back at the same place been there 27 years and other workers has been there 15 years and other one has been 3 years we did nothing wrong we want out jobs back lord

2021/02/19 17:19:14

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we are being targeted my coworkers and mgr

There are coworkers that never did like me and two other workers as well so now they targeted one coworker and she is off work and now they targeted me and one other worker based on lies and cause we get along and cause I needed help and I ask but they said I was rude when I asked I was not rude

2021/02/19 17:15:14

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prayers I get my job back

I need my job back me E And R we need our jobs back favor over us getting our jobs bask I help my brother financially he is disabled so I help him need my job back let it be your will be done we turn it over to u lord u deal with this in Jesus name I pray amen thank u lord for our jobs back amen

2021/02/19 17:11:33

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