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Blessed New Year

Prayers for a blessed new year for all of the click to pray community. You have enriched my faith so much this past year. Thank you

2017/12/31 22:00:00
AP Thank you! A blessed new year to you also!

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Prayers for my daughter as she finishes her semester at school. She is struggling with her studies and is discouraged with finals going on.

2017/12/10 18:12:24
AP Praying for your daughter FTV. God please be with her and provide her help and support in her studies. Amen.
Molly Marion I was in the same place this time last semester. My prayers are with your daughter <3.

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Prayer answered

Thank you Lord for answering my prayers for a job. I will graduate nursing school next week and start work at a hospital in the new year.

2017/12/05 22:53:52
Esmeralda May God bless you on your new journey.
Loretta D God bless you FTV

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Prayers for my friend who suffers from a bad addiction.

2017/11/12 21:06:56
Jay Addiction is relentless and only the Lord can break the chains. May the Holy Spirit touch your friend. And may your friend say please help me Lord!
AP Praying for you and your friend and all suffering from addictions. For their families loved ones and all impacted by this terrible illness amen.

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Anxiety over job

Prayers that Jesus will relieve my anxiety as get ready to graduate nursing school next month and try and find a job

2017/11/09 00:00:46
Mary Burnett St Joseph please help FTV find the right job
Bernie You can do all tbings thru Christ

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My friends please pray for me as a travel this week. Pray that Jesus will let me enjoy this break from nursing school before I enter my last semester.

2017/08/13 15:04:02
AP Thank you for your dedication to helping those sick and ill and I pray for you
Godelieve Istas amen

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Fellow student

Prayers for one of my nursing school friends. They have had to overcome a lot to get on school. Prayers that Jesus will provide her comfort and rest.

2017/07/12 00:39:20

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New parish priest

Prayers for my parish's new priest that starts this week as well as all priests.

2017/06/28 00:52:38

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Sick Child

Prayers for the sick child and his family I saw today at church. Jesus please heal him and provide your strength to them.

2017/06/18 16:32:10
Simone Klein Amen
Jan Saur May God heal this child

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Please pray for my nursing class as we get ready for finals this week. Pray that the Lord will continue to be with us amen

2017/04/19 01:13:38
AP Thank you for choosing such a noble profession. I pray for you and your classmates
Lothar Breuer Lord, stay with them and bestow awareness. Amen.

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