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prayers for my mom

Please pray for my mother. She isn’t well and the doctors can’t help. She is so scared and worried that she cannot think. Her blood pressure is crazy high on top of all of this. Please pray for her—thank you.

2021/05/01 03:29:11
AH Strength to you

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Prayers for my Mom

Dear Lord, please help my mother. Blessed Mother. Please pray for my mom. Her blood pressure is scary high and her anxiety over that fact is making it higher. She has started to run a low fever. Please pray that she’ll be okay. Our Father...Hail Mary...

2021/04/16 12:20:18

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COVID-19 vaccine

Please pray for my sister who is classified as high risk for COVID-19 from health and job. She has been unable to get an appointment for the vaccine. Please pray that she get an appointment soon.

2021/02/13 19:07:16
angie 🙏

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Pray for Peace and Healing

Please pray for the United States to become truly United, that compassion rather than violence take root. That hatred and anger are dissipated and love and peace prevail. Please, Our Father...

2021/01/08 13:19:16
AP Amen

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Please pray for me that I am able to say and do the right things to bring about reconciliation with my sister. We don’t understand each other and I seem to say all the wrong things driving her further from me. Please pray that I can find a way to be a good Godmother to my nieces during this.

2020/12/06 13:55:17

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Pray for The United States

The United States faces a difficult election. Please pray that it be a peaceful one. That no one be compelled to violence, that no one be hindered in voting and that no one will be hurt.

2020/11/03 00:37:41
℃¡nd¥ Díaz✩ Amén.

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Prayers for Peace

Please pray for peace, for an end to violence, hatred, and an increase in love and compassion. Jesus, please help us follow your example and love our neighbors, to care for the weakest among us, to protect those most in jeopardy and to unite in love and gratitude. Hail Mary—

2020/10/21 22:58:30
Philip Wing Kwok Chan 🙏🏻Amen

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Prayers for the United States

Pray for the USA that the leaders listen to God and heal the divides that have erupted across the country, that God will send a leader who cares about people regardless of color, creed, gender or gender choice. That leaders will realize that rules apply to them as well as to everyone else.

2020/09/26 15:31:04
Steve S Amen

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Thank You, St. Jude

Thank you St. Jude for prayers answered.

2020/09/24 22:39:31

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please pray for my best friend

My very good friend has had to have a COVID-19 test. Please pray for her that she is okay..

2020/09/20 23:57:47
🇵🇭vergaraE Amen

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