James Neil

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The sweet aroma of Christ.

Fill me, Holy Spirit, with love, gentleness and kindness towards others.

2021/09/18 13:17:21

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Virgin Mary..

Happy Feast Day of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. May we go to her on her Feast Day as a child would go to their mother because she is our mother 🙏🏻📿.

2021/09/08 13:23:28

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Complete in Christ.

Jesus, thank You for making me complete through Your death, resurrection, forgiveness, and restoration.

2021/09/07 13:12:08
Philip Wing Kwok Chan 🙏🏻Amen

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Resting secure in God.

Loving Father, You created me and You hold me close. Let my identity as Your child permeate my thoughts and actions 🙏🏻.

2021/09/06 13:11:59

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Man of Prayer.

Father, thank You for the blessing of Prayer and Your acceptance whenever I call on You 🙏🏻.

2021/09/04 13:01:16

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Gregory the Great.

Saint Pope Gregory the I, the Great, Pope And Doctor of the church, pray for us, for Pope Francis and for his health and for the church worldwide and it's unity and it's protection at this time of pandemic.

2021/09/03 13:13:44

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Empty hands.

God of heaven, help me to receive and enjoy the Forgiveness You've provided through Your Son Jesus Christ.

2021/09/03 13:09:14

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God’s Provision.

Loving Father, You're a generous provider. Help me to trust You to meet my needs.

2021/08/24 13:00:46
Philip Wing Kwok Chan 🙏🏻Amen

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loving Your enemy

Father, may the waves of Your love crash over me, producing a torrent that streams to others through me 🙏🏻.

2021/08/23 13:08:36

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Not seeking revenge..

Jesus, lover of our enemies, may I seek justice Your way.

2021/08/22 13:16:28
leedanwal James, I pray that you allow the Lord to restore justice in your situation. Know that you will come out with double for your trouble...Isiah 61:7.

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