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Matthew Guerruckey

United States
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Peace on Earth

On this beautiful morning, I pray in thanks for my mother, and I ask that you guide her through her current struggles. Hail Mary ...

2017/07/10 13:48:52

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For Mike

Lord Jesus, accept into your loving embrace Mike, the father of a dear friend, who passed away yesterday. Watch over his family and help them grow together through their hardship. May your Love and Mercy see him to his final destination, by your side for eternity. Amen.

2017/03/31 05:46:58
AP Praying for Mike and his family at this time. Amen

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My mother in her time of need

Lord Jesus, please watch over my mother, who is struggling with mental illness. Blessed Virgin, stay by her side and strengthen her. Hail Mary...

2016/11/15 20:06:28
Molly Marion Holy Mother, Pray for us

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For a friend diagnosed with immune disorders

Lord, please look after my friend, who has just been diagnosed with two different autoimmune disorders. May your love and grace protect her. Our Father ...

2016/08/31 19:23:32

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Prayer for Italy

Father, please watch over the people of Italy as they recover from the earthquake there. Mother Mary, protect the families affected and receive the victims into your arms.

Hail Mary ...

2016/08/24 04:03:15

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Thank you for perspective

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for saving my wife from an accident today, and showing us both how small our problems are in the face of eternity. And please help my friend who is struggling with sobriety.

Glory be ...

2016/08/16 22:07:03

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