Michaela Votavová

Czech Republic
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safe delivery

Please pray for my sister wwho is having her first child right in this moment. please grant her and her baby safe birth.

2020/09/16 15:00:32
EJ324 🙏

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for conception

dear God, you gave us our daughter, although I supposedly was not able to conceive. please let me give her a sibling or show me how to comfort her in her loneliness as an only child.

2020/07/29 19:32:21

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16 have prayed


please god,give me patience and wisdom to fullfill your path for me and for my close ones. let me know the diference, when to step up, and when to step down. thank you

2020/07/23 17:49:55

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36 have prayed

thank you

Thank You for my daughter, you have given us, although we were told we would never have kids of our own. thank you for her being in our lives. give me patience and wisdom to raise her well and to lead her into good life here on earth.

2020/07/08 20:20:36

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25 have prayed


Please God, give my husband the gift of faith in you. Show him you are here for him too. give me wisdom to be helpful in this journey, to support him in the way to you. let my prayers be fullfilled as was the prayer of st. Monica, who prayed for her huband too. thank you

2020/07/08 20:15:05

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28 have prayed

patience and wisdom

please pray for me, to have patience and wisdom guided by Holly Spirit to raise well my daighter, to be a good wife to my husband and to bring them to God.

2020/07/01 18:37:18
🇵🇭vergaraE Amen

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Give faith to my husband

please God,give your gift of faith to my husband. Guide me to know,how to pass the faith. give me patience and wisdom in the path you have given me.

2020/06/30 18:27:02

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43 have prayed

patience and wisdom

Please God, give me patience and wisdom to support my husband and raise well my child. Give me guidance of the Holly Spirit to show them the way to You. Our Father...

2019/12/22 20:11:37
tia _br 🙏🏼🙏🏼god bless you

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18 have prayed

Holly spirit guidance

please pray for me, to have ears and eyes open to the Holly Spirit. to see what I am supposed to do in His plan for this world and hear the calling whanever it comes.

2019/11/28 19:21:08

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17 have prayed

Repeating parents’ mistakes

Dear God,please give me strenght,pacience and wisdom not to repeat the mistakes and patterns of my parents. Show me the way,how to brake the chain. Your way.

2019/11/26 19:49:05
anne-marie pearce believe in God and in yourself and you will find a truthful way xx

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