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My head hurts. Torture tactics used against humans. Police -Canada – Please Pray for an End

Unfortunately, sonic sound devices are used at me. One of the toture methods used to target me. The police are responsible and continue to this day covering up their disgusting corrupted ways. They live at 101 Peter Street, Toronto Ontario and surround area, Oakville Great lakes blvd and Mississauga

2019/05/21 19:18:24
adeline “the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.” ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭121:8‬ ‭
ara.sul please speak to someone u love and trust to assist u in ur struggles . i pray god touches u and shows u love and peace

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A modern day Slave – Canada – The police are responsible PRAY FOR AN END

I am a modern day slave. I am a slave to the people who decided to spend their careers intentionally targeting me and others.They do what they want with no remorse, shame or guilt for this human rights violation. They enjoy it.Pray that these corrupted Police officers, STOP harming me and others.

2019/05/19 23:46:31
adeline May the Lord watch over you and protect you always 🙏🏻

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This morning – Female officers behaved despicable to me

On my way to work, Female officer, who happens to live right next door to me, undercover of course, decided to grace her disgusting self during this difficult time of the passing of my Aunt. She laughed, mocked and behaved erratically that posed a safety concern. I pray for protection for all evil.

2019/05/17 20:24:27
adeline May the Lord protect and watch over you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 amen

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My Aunt rest in peace. The Canadian Police still don”t care

Today I found my Aunt passed away. The police mocked the situation- Happily and continued this disgusting obsessed predator behaviour towards me. Pray that my aunt's soul is in peace and that her strength helps me get through these corrupted sick people who have no respect for even the deceased.

2019/05/16 18:17:17
ara.sul 🙏✝️🙏
adeline 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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Pray for better Policing. Canada.

A bunch of perverted obsessed police man and woman are still to this day making a living off of me and other female victims.These are disgusting corrupted police who are getting away with this b/c our failed Police system is nothing but a joke and doesn't see human life relevant to serve and protect

2019/05/16 05:25:05
ara.sul 🙏✝️🙏
Robert Maurone This I too prayed

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Pray to end violence towards women – In Canada

I Pray the group of women officers who support violence towards women are suspended and expelled from the police force so that no women are a slave to such cruelty, harm and abuse. So that no such next victim exists. No man or woman deserves such brutality. Pray for an end to this police misconduct.

2019/05/15 06:59:36

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Pray that my abusers come to their senses and stop abusing me and others!

Disturbed group of police officers who are making a living off of me intentionally causing pain, harm and suffering and to other victims at 101 Peter Street, Toronto Ontario, Surround area , Oakville Greatlakes Blvd and Port Credit THAT THEY STOP. THIS IS WRONG!!!!!!! I WAS NOT BORN TO BE YOUR SLAVE

2019/05/14 22:20:57

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Sonic Weapon Attacks again this morning. Pray for an end to this abuse ” O’CANADA”

Woken up by disturbing buzzing type of noises created by the Police. Once again, I have to place earplugs for a silent day of sleep. Please pray they stop intentionally victimizing me and others. My abusers live and surround themselves at 101 Peter Street Toronto Ontario, Oakville and Port Credit

2019/05/13 04:39:47
ara.sul 🙏🙏🙏i pray u find the help i need
Mariejack Mariejack 🙏

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The poiice spent millions of dollars living next door to me and my neighbourhood.

These sick people cant stop loving what they do to me and other WOMEN.They are making a profit intentionally targeting US. Two disgusting men(undercover police)just came out next door to me, and did what they do for a living.Traumatize me,mock the situation,laugh about the situation.Please pray stop

2019/05/11 17:02:05

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I pray the Police (Men and Women) stop hurting me)

Please , Police Officers stop attacking me on a day to day basis. Please pray for them to stop this trauma to me and that noone experiences this with them.

2019/05/10 11:03:13

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