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Thank you Mary Joseph and Jesus for your welcoming spirit to my happy home. You bless the graces of God! May God always walk with me in the light guiding me in joys and bitterness.Amen.Hail Mary

2020/02/17 16:50:50

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New Homeland

Dear Holy Family of Mary you migranted to find a better home& to fulfill a dream of safety& happiness. Jesus in time finally I found leave the city to fulfill a dream of a rural life! Pray for my family! Hail Mary.

2020/02/10 12:34:12

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Mary the greatest gift is life.Jesus gifted life My mother shared a Christmas gift this year to me.Years ago my dad would gift me.Each year my mother bakes us treats! This year I would like a protecting gift from my dad.God be it your will let it be.Amen

2019/12/22 14:16:26

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Saving For The Future

Mary and Joseph you saved so you were able to offer Jesus his sacrifice upon birth but also you saved for your livelihood to battle poverty.It is my honor to learn how to saved beginning in quarters. God guide me and protect me along this journey. Hail Mary.Our Father.Amen

2019/12/02 15:21:14

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Human kindness

Jesus you gave to the people who had not anticipated your giving! This is a great surprise of the humanity.Jesus a lady gave to me today and I went by the gesture. The surprise was one that brought me home again. Thank you Jesus. Amen

2019/11/28 23:06:51

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Jesus you are the master of illnesses especially epilepsy.Numerous occasion your gospel has fed me nurturing me to health and happiness.I had a seizure recently. God watch over me keeping me safe from the snares of death .Glory Be

2019/11/27 21:04:33
Lisa 🙏

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My Siblings

Jesus was unique in his home. In my home my siblings reveled the Lord in words of Spirit.Our home was blessed by the Lord. Our lives danced in revelation.God may you Grace us by the moment leading us safely on our journey.Our Father

2019/11/21 12:48:47
🇵🇭vergaraE 🙏
Maria Celeste 🙏❤️

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Joseph is the father of all fathers of Jesus. My dear father has been loyal to me in dedication to his Christian childhood.God I ask for my father health and years! God may I always honor my father.Our father.Glory Be.Hail Mary

2019/11/21 12:43:31
🇵🇭vergaraE 🙏Amen

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Mary you are our great mother to Jesus. I am the daughter of my most caring mother who I treasure . God I ask that she continues to have prosperity and peace that too we remain dear to each other in honor. Hail Mary. Glory Be. Our Father

2019/11/21 12:39:19
🇵🇭vergaraE 🙏Amen

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New Home

Mary soon I will be moving on to my new home under the guidance of God.In this structure I will have have nurturing and love with support.Jesus is a crusader in my blessings for this journey.God guide and protect me as I transition.Glory Be.

2019/11/17 19:45:56

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