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Prayers needed

For my daughter Anna to open her heart to God, and receive His healing Grace and Mercy for her drug problem. Amen 🙏

2019/10/24 14:54:30
tia _br 🙏🏼🙏🏼❣️
Celeste Croce 🙏❤️

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Prayers please

For my brother in law Billy, who is having hip replacement surgery today, and is also still recovering from a break in his other leg. And his wife my sister, Kathy who is his caregiver. God heal him and give strength and comfort to them🙏

2019/07/12 12:27:05
ara.sul 🙏✝️🙏
Bright Light 🙏🕯🙏🌷

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Prayers needed

Please pray for my daughter Anna, who is a single young adult who is struggling with that old devil and curse of depression. She needs to accept Jesus in her ❤️. Many, many Thanks☀️🙏

2019/06/05 14:03:13
ara.sul 🙏🌹🙏
Simon Tierney I say to the negatives of Anna's depression to leave her now. Come Holy Spirit and bring your peace.

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Prayer needed

Pray for my daughter Anna to be totally healed in body, mind, and spirit🙏

2019/05/09 13:28:02
ara.sul 🙏🙏

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Prayers for loss

Please pray for my friend Mary Margaret & all of her family members who lost the mother & oldest family member at 95 years old. She was a devoted Christian Catholic, and had a peaceful passing. She was a wonderful example and anchor for the family. Thank You & Many Blessings to all of you!

2019/04/09 13:16:38
Michele Castegnaro may my parents reach that wisdom age.
Mariejack Mariejack 🙏🕯👼

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Gratitude is the Root of Happiness! Thank You O Lord for being so patient in teaching me this, which works only if I am Rooted in You!

2019/04/05 12:00:11
tia_29974J Amen

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Please Pray

For my daughter Anna to open her heart, mind & body to God, and to find her vocation in life!?

2019/01/09 14:35:14

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Holy Spirit


2018/07/31 05:10:55
Patricia K. Amen!

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Pray for my daughter Anna that the demons of self doubt, anxiety and depression will forever leave her body, mind and spirit. That she may follow Jesus and do God's Holy will in her life.

2018/07/09 16:13:42
MeryL Amen
Esmeralda Praying for Anna.

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Please pray

Pray for my daughter Anna to let God into her heart, so He can guide her to a job and career using her gifts and talents. Give her humility and patience.

2018/01/31 21:23:37
AP Amen
AP Praying for Anna and you Harriet. And.

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