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Krish Van Inghog

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our Father

jesus...jesus....jesus....how many words we can speak the name of jesus/god he still the of the most generous man in this world he give us a hope in our life But jesus will never surrender because we believe him by the name of jesus is the people who believe in him

2019/02/02 09:47:41

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22 have prayed

the belief of god

dear lord thank you for giving us a holy spirit in our life you the who give us a wonderful and better life....in many years past away we won't ever change the belief of Christianity....in your name Jesus the king of our kingdom in our heart we will sacrifice our life for our loves ones.....

2019/01/31 23:59:53

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16 have prayed

the peace of God’s name

thank you Lord for for blessing that you gave us today in the name of Jesus the crises of every people's life will be hailed and give them a peace or joyful in God's name... you our king in our life you our Father in the life of human race..... thank you Lord give them a peace in mind Jesus Christ

2019/01/29 08:44:28

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