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Alida Miele

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pray for success

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to interview for s job promotion where I can directly benefit students and their parents in school. Please help me to be successful so that I can make my mother proud and live up to Your expectations of me in my vocation. Amen. Hail Mary... Glory Be.... thank you

2021/02/23 13:14:06

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prayer for job growth

Thank you for the opportunity for a career promotion. Please help me present my best self so that I can work to remove barriers for children in education. Please send the gifts of the Holy Spirit to guide me during the interview. God is good. I am grateful. Hail Mary.. Glory Be....

2021/02/21 23:17:21

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Prayer for knowledge and wisdom

Please send the gifts of the Holy Spirit so that I do well in my interview and earn a promotion. My goal is to be a school leader, to make my parents proud and be a role model for my children. I will use my gifts to benefit students. Help me Oh Lord to achieve. Mother Mary I ask for your help.amen

2021/02/11 23:26:23
Samuel Montealegre Trust the power that God has given you and you shall achieve.
angie 🙏

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Heal my family

Please pray that our family is healed. Please release my older son from anger and bitterness so that we may live together in the peace and unity of the Lord. Pray for peace in all families. Amen and thank you.

2021/02/08 11:35:57

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New challenge

Please pray for me that I will meet this new challenge in my professional life with success so that I can care for and influence others. Thank You. Amen In the name of our Loving Lord. Hail Mary.

2021/01/24 23:53:35

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prayer for career

Please pray for me as I seek to begin a new chapter in my professional life. May I have the strength to work hard the commitment to pursue my goals and the ability to fulfill my dreams. Thank you Mother Mary, Jesus and the Holy Spirit Amen

2020/06/02 00:37:39
🇵🇭vergaraE Amen, Amen🙏🙏🙏God bless you🍀🍀🍀

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pray for peace and justice

We ask that the protests in the US end peacefully and that humanity finds a way forward where all lives are respected. Mother Mary pray for us.

2020/06/02 00:33:39

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prayer of thanks

Thank you Lord Jesus for getting my sister on a safe plane home. Thank you to the prayer network Your support helped and us greatly appreciated. I’m the name of Jesus, Amen

2020/03/15 13:16:02

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prayer to get my sister home safe

Please pray that my sister gets home safely tomorrow where she belongs with her family. She needs to get on a standby flight. Mother Mary please guide my sister during this challenging time. Heavenly Father we need a miracle. Amen

2020/03/14 23:16:34

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pray for students and teachers

Please pray that students stay in class and teacher unions across Ontario ratify a fair deal that supports quality public education. Thank you Amen

2020/02/07 00:18:53

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