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Ami Ca

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to the success

Dear Lord, thank you for giving me the opportunity to take baby steps everyday. I know it will leads me to big success. Pray for being patient believing in me and never give up

2019/05/19 05:09:21
ara.sul 🙏🌹🙏
RodlahStaffMaster 🙏

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21 have prayed


Communicate clearly to tell everything what’s in my mind and try to work it out with him. Trust him and always be kind, thoughtful and love him. Pray for I can make him happy instead of make him sad and anxiety. Amen

2019/04/28 22:20:06
Deanna_Gianna May the Holy Spirit direct your words and actions. May the lord reduce stress and anxiety in your life🙏🏻

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32 have prayed


Dear Lord, Help me to trust him that he is honest with me. I pray he dosent let me down and so as me Instead of doubt him I want to trust him

2019/04/27 12:01:50

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28 have prayed

kind calm thoughtful

Dear lord, help me to control my temper and communicate well with him. Amen

2019/04/25 08:57:28

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26 have prayed

hope we will start family together someday

Pray for I’m strong enough to believe in him and his love to me. Pray for I won’t doubt his love to me and kindness. I won’t be afraid to love him.

2019/04/25 08:35:57
Barb 🙏
Denisa prosím ťa pane za zomrelých chorých umierajúcich pomôž nám vážiť si bozsie dary a milosti amen a rozvíjať talenty čo máme bože chrám nás aj pred nás samými amen

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27 have prayed

aching heart

My heart sometimes still aching Hope it’ll be ok Pray for being independent woman enough and find new happiness. Amen

2019/04/21 20:21:31
erick40 I’m not sure why you are aching but just know that time will heal your heart it will not erase it but you will feel better soon and allow your self to be loved by the lord and those close to you
Teresa Gutierrez May god give you the strength to move forward god knows your heart and is with you every step of the way look forward and not back. God has your back and you shell prevail. It's hard I know your pain to well but you will get the wrong it with god help . God bless you always angels watch over u alway

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32 have prayed

hope this pain goes away soon

Dear lord, pray for this pain will goes away. But if I need it, I’ll be patient until I’ll notice something. If he also feels pain, plz remove that soon. I pray for him to find more happiness. Bc he deserve it

2019/04/20 12:09:13

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19 have prayed

pray for the best in his life

Thank god for sending him to my place. He was the best gift ever in my life. But now I just hurt him and we won’t see each other anymore. No need to forgive me. I’ll try to the best everything in my life and it’s the only way to show him how much I appreciated what have done for me

2019/04/19 13:38:19

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22 have prayed

pray for

His best at his presentation wishing him luck Thx!!

2019/04/08 11:59:05

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25 have prayed

believe in

Everything will work even if it’s not working now. it’ll bring u the best. Everything will become right. Just pray and believe

2019/03/23 04:17:48

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