Simone Klein

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May Your peace touch our hearts

For all the children in the world, who suffer violence and famine, who live in war-zones o refugee-camps and never experienced peace. Lord!! Come, bring them Your love and comfort. Bring them peace, beloved, merciful Lord. I trust in You.

2021/05/11 05:58:07
Chan Phil 🙏🏻Amen

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Merciful Lord, I trust in You

May love guide us on the path of peace and reconciliation: in South Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Mali, Congo, Ukraine, Mexico, Colombia ... and in our hearts and families. Amen

2021/05/05 11:57:28
AP Amen
Simone Klein .. May love guide the people of Malaysia, and our persecuted brothers and sisters. And may those, who use any form of violence, convert their hearts to our Lord ... Hail Mary ... Amen

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In times of pandemic

A little prayer for the doctors and nurses who work heroic in intensive care units all over the world. Beloved Lord, give them strength and Your tenderness to be able to deal with so much suffering. Amen

2021/05/04 12:43:21
angie 🙏

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Your graces

Beloved Lord, please make our hearts compassionate and merciful. May we be by the side of those, who suffer, in prayer and action. May we be able to comfort our brothers and sisters in grief and tribulation. Amen

2021/04/27 15:38:28
Deborah Meier OFS Amen🙏🏼💓🕊

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Thank You for Your blessings and graces

Thank you, beloved Lord, that my dad is still alive, after hard months in 2020, and can today celebrate his 81. birthday. Hold him and my mom always in Your merciful hands. Thank You for all Your blessings. Please comfort all who suffer.

2021/02/03 08:31:32

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Por Portugal e todo o mundo


Querida Mãe, precisamos de Vos. Os nossos irmãos doentes precisam muito de Vos, da vossa luz na tempestade, na noite da vida. Os medicos, as enfermeiras, os bombeiros, todos nos precisamos de estar debaixo de vosso manto de salvação. Tem piedade das vossas crianças frageis, de todos os che soffrem.

2021/01/31 17:03:40
Simone Klein Màs tambem Vos precisais de nos. Nos chamais a servir o reino de Deus. È um convite como a Santa Jacinta e São Francisco Marto e Santa Bernadette de colaborar na salvação do mundo. Querida Mãe, ajudai-nos a ser sempre fiel ao Vosso Filho, nosso Senhor e Salvador. Amen

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Yes, You love the little ones


Thank You, Lord, for Benedetta, for her testimony of purity and innocence. She died the 21 of Jan. 2017, so silent as she lived these 33 years here on earth, severely disabled, completely dependent on help, but clear in her mind. She is the most pure and innocent person I ever met, truely saint …

2021/01/21 12:02:25
Simone Klein in the way she lived her suffering. Dear Benedetta, help us to reconcile with our suffering and to offer it to the Lord.

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Soften our hearts, Lord

Beloved Lord, please touch our hearts and remove indifference and violence from them. May You reign in our hearts and make them meek and humble like Your Sacred Heart. May we transmit always Your Love and Mercy.

2021/01/18 16:24:31
Simone Klein I wrote this prayer due to the fact that the death of the homeless who are victims of the icy cold since years often don't appear anymore in the news. They are so invisible and insignificant, they mean so little in our world, that their death is not of any "interest".
Simone Klein But every year so many homeless man and women die, because there isn't enough help and courage, but too much indifference.

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Protection and shelter

Beloved Lord, please protect and shelter the homeless and all the most vulnerable ones during these days with an icy polar cold in parts of Europe. May our eyes, hearts and hands be open to help them in every possible way. Amen

2021/01/16 09:56:55
Simone Klein May noone die due to the extreme cold.

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Your light

For all, who feel lonesome, isolated, abbandonend and lost. May they all feel the loving presence of our Lord Jesus and Holy Mary. Beloved Lord, may Your light in our hearts shine bright in the darkness of this world. May it bring light and warmth to those, who suffer. Amen

2020/11/30 10:10:50
Deborah Meier Amen🙏🏼💓
🇵🇭vergaraE 🙏🌿Amen, Amen

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