Marie McClellan

United States
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Being the Lord’s created,we are united in our humanity,made in His image.Living in this realm,we are prone to base human nature that we pray will not be overcome by these worldly flaws,that many will seek to follow Our Lord in His ways and expectations.Guide our steps,rule our hearts,O Lord.Marie ...

2021/09/26 06:32:20

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May we always remember in gratitude how Our Lord suffered himself to deliver us from the evil of this world so that we could attain the glory of the next. He suffers with us, rejoices with us, understands our every sorrow, rejoices with every joy. He is our Saviour and everyday companion. Marie M.

2021/09/25 07:37:25

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We pray for the good of families to be taught as a desired value, where children are cherished and nourished as a gift and a hope for all the tomorrows. There are no tomorrows without them, these future believers and apostles for Jesus. Bless parents and bless their marriages. Marie M.

2021/09/24 07:47:32

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May we remember the joy in the Lord, that He tells us, I am all that you need. May our families, our friends, our churches, be blessed and find the joy in the Lord. Marie M.

2021/09/23 04:28:02

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May we see the good, the better, the best in all, while asking to see and deal with truth gently when needed, with strength when needed. May Jesus give direction in our hearts, guiding us always back to Him, the best possible place. Marie M

2021/09/22 05:44:09

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Prayers of gratitude for the many blessings, from yesterday, for today, for tomorrow, to the Granter. Awaken the spirit of gratitude in the many, appreciations and realizations of the truly important things in life, both great and small. Bless those near and dear. Marie M

2021/09/21 06:21:25

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Help us, oh Lord, to have a closer walk with You, our Creator, as Your created. Bless our families, our friends, our communities, our nations and give them a spirit to also seek a closer walk with You. Marie M.

2021/09/20 07:04:45

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Help us, oh Lord, to love others as You love us, without thought of worthiness. The blood on the door protected those within, not just the worthy, the blood shed on the cross did not exclude the unworthy. Sacrifice for all, a path to God for all, love for all. May we remember. Marie M.

2021/09/19 07:40:06

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Help us to be better stewards of the many gifts You have provided.. may Your words be a lamp unto my feet and the joy of Your presence illumine my every decision. Maythe wisdom of Your word be my guide for all my days. Marie M

2021/09/18 08:37:58
Philip Wing Kwok Chan 🙏🏻Amen
Frederic Gallo Thank you for your lovely prayer

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Gratitude for daily blessings. May families be strengthened and may men and women find value, purpose, and meaning in their roles in God’s precious creation, the family. May men find affirmation in the eyes of God and society, families need fathers. Marie M

2021/09/17 07:12:23

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