Marie McClellan

United States
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Bless those who are cheerful, giving and loving helpers to those less fortunate than themselves, and even with those more fortunate than themselves. For all need loving kindness and we simply can’t assume otherwise. Marie M.

2021/04/18 06:14:46
leedanwal Marie, Thank you for such a thoughtful prayer to those who have God’s favor upon their life. May the Lord bless you and keep your heart faithful to Christ. In Jesus name Amen 🙏🏾.
🇵🇭vergaraE 🙏Amen

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Praying for the salvation of every individual, that each person may know the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the hope of every Christian, salvation by faith, the decision of every individual heart. Marie M.

2021/04/17 10:44:20

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Thankful for the many gifts, great and small. May our brothers and sisters in humanity receive the Holy Spirit, a greater gift, above any other. May hearts be prepared for the coming of this gift, may the fishers of men cast their nets and bring in an abundance of souls for the Lord. Marie M

2021/04/16 05:22:01
AP Amen. Thanks for praying
Chan Phil 🙏🏻Amen

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May we all remember that we are all children of God, the created of the Creator,all loved by Him,all in need of salvation and all having free will to accept that gift. Life is that journey back to what we lost from the beginning, removing Impediments to the presence of God, His dearest wish. Marie M

2021/04/15 07:37:03
AP Praying for you and your intentions Marie

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Praying for compassion for the marginalized, the vulnerable. May compassion be extended to everyone, it is as Our Lord wished for us to do and how to be. Marie M

2021/04/14 07:12:22

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Help us, oh Lord, to recognize Your will when found, Your mercy when given, and always, Your love to all Your created. Marie M

2021/04/13 07:52:07

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Thankful for the many blessings, great and small. Pray the Lord extend His protections to each believer and every nation that uphold His laws. Marie M.

2021/04/12 07:37:20

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May we all experience peace in the sabbath, a day to connect in all ways, to God, our families and each other. May the sabbath be a day of peace and joy, having faith in Our Lord to be the leader in all things. Marie M

2021/04/11 04:57:07
abine44 Amen
AP Amen

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Our Lord, bring us Hope, as You were sent to be. Bless those who believe in You and take up Your cross to follow in Your steps. Bless the work of those who work to glorify You in this world. Marie M

2021/04/10 05:01:09
AP Thanks for praying Marie. Praying for you

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May all our children learn the Lord’s Prayer and learn to talk to God as they would a friend. Marie M

2021/04/09 07:32:05

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