Marie McClellan

United States
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bless and heal the sick

May the sick be blessed and be healed and may the healers find the ways needed to heal. May those things needed for healing be found and may those who serve the sick be protected. Marie

2020/04/03 07:17:27
🇵🇭vergaraE 🙏🙏🙏Amen

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healing for sick

May those who serve the sick be protected from sickness and may all those stricken by the sickness recover. Help us oh lord, to discern the best paths to these healings, that they may become evident. Bless those we love who love us. Bless our leaders and our Christian pastors. Marie M

2020/04/02 07:24:30
Sanjeeva Fernando Amen
abine44 Amen

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healing for the contagion

May good for healing be found for the contagion that spreads among us, we ask for protection for our medical warriors who do courageously fight this invisible enemy. Bless our spiritual leaders, bless the Papa, bless the Christian believers and those who will yet believe. Marie McClellan

2020/04/01 08:37:11

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hope for easing the sufferings if the sick

Let us, oh Holy Father, find favor from You in our request to heal the sick and find the comfort to give to the suffering. We thank you for the unexpected gifts brought by this trial, and ask for the sufferings of so many sick to be eased, may this pandemic illness end, if it be your will. Marie M

2020/03/30 03:50:11

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bless or leaders and pastors

May those closest to us know Jesus. Bless our leaders and our pastors. May our gratitude be multiplied daily. Marie

2020/02/28 07:27:08

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bless our families

May we all love each other better, as Our Lord commanded us to do. We are all newborns in the eyes of Our Lord and may we be with one another like we would be with a child. May we thankThe Lord for all that He has provided. Bless our leaders, our families, our children, the alone and sick. Marie

2020/02/27 04:04:13

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unconditional love

Every day is a blessing and may we multiply the hours with gratitude and with a request to find God’s will and purpose every day, for each of us.May all who strive to do this,find this,their purpose and meaning the n the eyes of the Lord, the One who already loves us and always has. Marie M

2020/02/06 09:00:28

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bless our Christian light bringers

Let us pray for those Christians among us who devote their lives to the service of the Lord. Bless them and bless all who serve others in the service of. God. May the Lord multiply their diligent efforts and bring great fruit to the tree of Christianity. God bless them, every one. Marie M

2020/02/05 06:52:05
🇵🇭vergaraE 🙏Amen

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love one another

May God give us appreciation for all blessings large and small. Help us to love one another, as Our Lord commanded us, above all things, after loving the Lord with all our heart. May we see others as our Lord sees them. Marie M

2020/02/04 03:20:37

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help for churches

May our prayers be heard for those that lead churches, may they be effective bringers of the truth of the gospels. May angels surround them with their protective wings. May churches multiply and bring salvation to many. Marie M

2020/02/03 05:57:12
ara.sul amen
RodlahStaffMaster 🙏

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