Letitia Elvira Chiaravalle

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My Granddaughters three year old Shepard

Dear Jesus,
Help Maverick get through the night after a long involved surgery, brianna Loves her dog and needs him, Lord we trust in you at all times

In Jesus name Amen

2018/02/20 03:19:09
STEVE St Francis please pray for all our companion animals.
Filiberto Gutiérrez Landín I pray for you and your Dog, Maverick. He Will be ok.

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Please Lord help Theresa heal from her surgery We’re hoping and praying Lord that it’s not cancerous or more serious. Theresa is such a sweet loving giving person, with two beautiful girls , they need their mother.Thank you Lord
For your loving and forgiving us, and giving us strength when we need it.
In Jesus Name

2017/10/17 03:26:00
AP Praying for Teresa and her family and caregivers Letitia. You’re wonderful for praying for your friend. Amen.
Mary Burnett Amen

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Frank and Daves business

Thank you Lord for working in our lives
Guiding us and directing us. Thank you to everyone that has prayed for them.
They passed their inspection!!
Thank you God for the many blessing
In Jesus name Amen

2017/06/07 03:30:49
Cindy Díaz Amén.
Mery Amen

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Prayer for family business

Tomorrow am please pray for them to pass inspection, they are hard workers and good people.
Jesus we trust in you. Please be with Frank today for his birthday .
In Jesus name Amen

And thank you all praying for them❤️

2017/06/05 23:30:41

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For Dave and Franks Business

Dear Lord ,
Tuesday they will have an inspection at their warehouse, we ask in your name Jesus that you can help them pass inspection. It is they're only way to support their families. We know you know our needs, and we can learn from hardship, we thank you for all that you give us, we praise you and thank you, in Jesus name

2017/06/04 23:21:09

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Prayer for business

Dear Lord and Brothers and Sisters,
Please help my brother in law with his business, things aren't going well and he may lose his job and income , he has 2 children. He's a good man and good father, he works hard. Jesus be with him during this difficult time give him courage to accept change, and give him your loving guidance.
In Jesus name

2017/05/13 03:46:06
Loretta D Amen
Biruktawit Assefa Kassa Praying with you

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Anne and Dean

Dear Lord,
I am Hoping for your loving care to be with my friends, they just lost a baby and so want a child, if it's your will, they are such a loving devoted couple to each other and to you. They put God first.
Hope and pray they become pregnant again.
Thank you Lord
In Jesus name Amen

2017/02/15 05:28:20
Letitia Elvira Chiaravalle Thank you all for praying, they are a special
Simone Klein Amen

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Dear Lord help my friends daughter to get help for her alcohol abuse and her mental illness, give her the courage to face it and deal with it.
In your name
Thank you for being a loving presence in our lives

2017/01/07 19:14:15
Maryann Therese Ruelle Please pray for my daughter Becky, who, in one day found out her husband wanted a divorce, that she would have to be the one to leave their home, losing not only her home and husband, but very soon afterward found out he was having an affair, had to leave her beloved dogs, and found out he hasn't loved her for 4 years. In the six weeks since he has been unbelievably hateful and treats her badly every chance he gets with no compassion whatever for what he has put her through, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, please pray for her, in Jesus' precious name, Amen
Maryann Therese Ruelle I pray for Letitia's intentions for her daughter, and add my prayers for my daughter

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Dear Lord,
My dear friends mother Tam fell and broke her hip and needs surgery tomorrow afternoon, please help the Surgeon and nurses help her during surgery and help her heal fast.
With a Thankful heart
In Jesus name

2016/12/26 23:07:13
AP Praying for Tam's mother and her care team. Amen.

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Rachel’s baby girl

Dear Lord ,
Rachel has two boys and she is pregnant with a girl, she lost a baby girl at 5 months. Help her to relax and not worry and keep the baby safe to term. She's such a good Mom. We trust in you Jesus to watch over them both.
In Jesus name
With grateful hearts

2016/12/01 05:01:14
Molly Marion Holy Mother, Bless Rachel and her Child, hold them close to you <3
AP Praying for Rachael, her baby, and family

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