Luis S S

22 have prayed

for the iodotheraphy of my mother

God give her strength, free her of any anxiety and she kindly ask for her well-being and that this treatment be effective and all traces that this illness disappear. I offer you any small suffering in my day to be united with you. Lord have mercy Mother Mary pray for us.

2021/05/17 23:58:55
angie 🙏
Chan Phil 🙏🏻Amen

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for my brother in law

Lord, thanks for this great opportunity for my brother in law. He is starting in a new country with her wife but without the language or any known person. Mother Mary pray for them, Jesus give them strength hope love and let this be a reason to getting to know you. St Joseph pray for them

2021/03/25 00:24:45
a Christian living in Tokyo Amen !🙏

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21 have prayed

For my wife’s project

Lord Hear my prayer. Hear my wife, guide her and help her discern so this new project with her friend be a success in our eyes but more importantly in yours. Mary mother Intercede for her. In the name of Jesus

2021/02/24 01:06:36
Junzards Perales Amen!🙏🙏🙏

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25 have prayed

Jorge Charry RIP

Pray for him And gis soul

2020/09/26 00:53:07

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29 have prayed

Pray for the soul of my grandpa Hugo

Lord grant him peace. holly mother pray for my grandpa. He was always quiet and a man of few words, but he was peaceful and loving. Only you lord knows the state of his soul but I pray for him. Goodbye abuelito I wish I could have be more with you. Rest In Peace

2020/08/10 23:16:36
Mariejack MJ may his soul rest in peace 🙏
EJ324 May his soul RIP. I'm sorry for your loss. May you find peace in knowing he is with the Lord

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28 have prayed

for my parents

They are back in my home country. My brothers and I are around the world, though you have angels, friends and family near them, today I pray for them. Comfort them give them peace. They are excellent parents that teach us and love us. COD19 lock them in home, give them courage and peace.

2020/05/03 01:05:52
leedanwal Luis, I pray Psalms 91 protection of your family and yourself during the pandemic. In Jesus name Amen 🙏🏾
Henry Martínez May the Lord protect your parents. Lord hear our prayer.

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28 have prayed

for my brother

Lord, even when we are close geographically, we are apart. We are brothers and though we have a good relationship, we have lives totally apart even in a foreign country far from our parents. Today he is sick, with some Symptoms close to COD19. Father please comfort my brother and heal him

2020/05/03 01:01:33
℃¡nd¥ Díaz☆ Amén.
Paul D M 🙏🌿🙏

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17 have prayed

Pray for the brother of my friend Carolina (RIP)

I only know he needs some prayers for him and his soul.

2020/04/27 22:31:16

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22 have prayed

For Andri Jimenez ans all deaths of COD19

Lord we pray for her soul. She was a Friend of my wife she died from COD19 from negligence nobody want to test her on time. As her case, there are many around the world. Pray for all this souls, receive them in your glory. Lord give the families they left behind hope and strength. Our father..

2020/04/03 23:42:27
Joseph Buhagiar Lord have Mercy. Amen. 🙏🏼🇬🇧❤️🇲🇹🙏🏼
arolf May she rest in Christ’s peace for all eternity

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30 have prayed

For Italy

Lord grant Italian government wisdom to pass this virus crisis

2020/03/11 23:53:22

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