Amanda Smith

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my mother in law

Oh lord please pray for my mother in law she is a very religious, loyal, charitable person. We are not sure what is wrong since she’s to scared to go to the hospital because of covid. She needs a hip replacement to and we can’t get that done. Oh lord please give her strength. Our father who art ...

2021/02/02 17:29:21
angie 🙏

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my friend in a car accident

Oh lord pleased watch over my friend and the person she had a car accident with your guidance and strength in this horrible time. Our father who art in heaven....

2021/01/29 16:40:57
angie 🙏

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my friends son

Please pray for my friends son and family. He needs all of us to come together and pray. Our father who art in heaven....

2020/12/20 14:43:51
🇵🇭vergaraE 🙏In the name of the Father, of the son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen

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my son

Lord please watch over my son during this trying time. Please watch over his health and safe being with the racism going on in Canada. He is just a child my beautiful soul you blessed my to carry and bring into this world. One day at a time I am trying to make the world the way you wish our father..

2020/03/07 18:34:08
Monique Williams 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Michele 01 Amen.

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my friend in need

Lord please watch over my friend and her family during this hard time. They are truly beautiful children of yours. They need you with them during this difficult time. I would like to ask everyone to send some prayers to her during this difficult time. Hail Mary mother of god......

2020/02/05 00:06:14

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my herman

thank you for your prayers for my dog/best friend please help me again pray that he is with our lord

2019/05/01 00:08:54

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my mother in law

please please pray for her to get a job she has been trying so hard. such a wonderful woman. a Christian woman she lives by the bible and loves Jesus. please pray with me in the name of the father son and holy spirit....

2019/04/30 23:59:47
Mariejack Mariejack may god bless your mother in low and provide her need 🙏💖

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prayer for my dog

please pray that my dog has the strength to get better.And that we find a solution to his affliction. amen

2019/01/23 11:35:59
Veronica Dy we pray to Saint Francis to help healing to little fur

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