Susan Lane

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Pray for my husband

Thank you to everyone who prayed that my husband's surgery would go well last Monday. It did but this evening we recieved a phone call from his specialist & unfortunately it seems that the cancer has spread. We are both Christians & believe in the power of Prayer. Please pray for him. Thank you 🙏

2019/06/21 09:29:19
ara.sul we pray for miracles and offer the worries to jesus . jesus will heal ur husband
Chris N. Jesus I trust in You

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Thank you

Thank you to all those who prayed for my husband. His surgery went very well. Praise be to God 🙏🙏🙏 any many thanks to you all 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

2019/06/17 08:24:29
tia_ Glory to god 🙏🏼
Klára D. God bless you and your husband.😌😃🕊️

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Please pray for my husband

Please pray that my husband's surgery goes well tomorrow. He is in his early 80's & I am in my mid 70's. He is the Love of my life. Please pray that our Lord will guide the surgeons & our Holy Mother Mary will be with him in his recovery. 🙏 Hail Mary full of Grace .........

2019/06/16 09:01:30
tia_ 🙏🏼🙏🏼
adeline May the good Lord guide the surgeon with His healing hands and nurse your husband back to good health. Pls keep the faith and may the Lord bless you with peace of mind and good health 🙏🏻📿🥀💞

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Please Pray for Erina

Please Pray for my Sister-in-law Erina who is not at all well. I saw her today and my heart wept to see her in this way. She is nearly 90. 🙏🌹🙏🌹🙏 Hail Mary full of Grace.............

2019/06/14 08:55:16
ara.sul 🙏✝️🙏
adeline Descend upon me, O mighty Spirit, that inspired and encouraged by thee, I may faithfully fulfill the duties of my life and vocation, that I carry my cross with patience and courage and accomplish more nearly thy perfect will. Amen 🙏🏻📿🥀

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Thank you 🙏

Lord I thank you for all the people who use Click to Pray. I thank you for the comfort & peace it brings just knowing that others around the world are praying for each other. We all Love & Trust You Lord & your Holy Mother Mary...... Thank you ...... Hail Mary full of Grace.....

2019/06/03 10:02:05
ara.sul 🙏✝️🙏🌹🌹♥️so happy u r here amongst the prayer angels 😘
RodlahStaffMaster Amen Susan🙏❤️🙏

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Asia Bibi

Thank you Lord for answering our prayers for Asia Bibi & her family. Thank you that they are all now safe in Canada. Bless them Lord & send your saints to help them adjust to life in their new home. 🙏 Amen 🙏Hail Mary.......

2019/05/08 10:51:19
adeline Amen
ara.sul 🙏🙏😇

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Thank you

Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers & thank you for answering them. Your answers have not always been what I asked for but they have always been what is best for me. Thank you for your Love, Mercy & many Blessings. Amen 🙏 Hail Mary....

2019/05/01 09:56:21
DBD Amen 🙏
Mariejack Mariejack 🙏Amen 💖🙏

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NYD Cebu Philippines

Please pray for all those attending the National Youth Day celebrations in Cebu Philippines April 23rd - 28th. Celebrating 500 years Christianity in the Philippines. May the Lord Bless all attending & those organizing this happy event. 🙏Amen🙏

2019/04/24 09:40:57

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Landed Hoffman

Please light a candle this Easter for 5 year-old Landen who was thrown over the balcony at a shopping mall in the America & fell 40 feet. He is in hospital in a very bad way..... Hail Mary 🙏

2019/04/18 10:17:25

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Landen Hoffman

Please pray for 5 year-old Landen who want thrown over the balcony at an American shopping mall & fell 40 feet. He is in a very bad way in hospital. Hail Mary..... 🙏

2019/04/17 22:27:52
Mariejack Mariejack dear god ,Please bring his life back and give him your love and peace 🙏
tia_29974J 🙏🏼 dear god save Landon please 🙏🏼❤️

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