Patrick Lucas

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friends this Easter pls pray for Mr Christian michel, and julian Assange so that they are set free. amen! thank you for all your prayers.

2019/04/20 12:51:23

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wish you all a happy Easter of risen christ. amen!

2019/04/20 12:15:54
Rcast You too and may God bless you.
Patrick Lucas thank you Teresa. 😊

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prayer for bail

friends there is a bail plea verdict to be issued at 1600hours Indian time today . pls pary that the person seeking bail may get it to celebrate his Easter with his family. Amen ! thank you all.

2019/04/18 07:23:47
Patrick Lucas pls pray corrected

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may all the people across the world who are in a state of disturbing situations and unstable mind of decision making, may the risen christ pour his mercy and heal these living souls, also grant us peace and stable mental health. Amen!🙏

2019/04/18 02:38:47

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Somalia, Syria, Vza

may jesus christ be and enlighten the minds of leaders of Venezuela,Sudan,Yemen,Syria,Libya,Somalia so that people those who are suffering from hunger , thirst , shelter may get assistance. also I pray that there may be clear access to aid agencies which provides food ,water , medicine. amen!

2019/04/17 04:27:45
Mariejack Mariejack may God bless them with food, water and shelter. God let them know you're with them. 🙏💖🙏

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I pray for all the people across the world who are suffering from depression and remorse. may jesus christ touch their soul and comfort them . amen !🙏

2019/04/16 03:15:45
Patrick Lucas thank you Robert 🙏
tia_29974J 🙏🏼🙏🏼

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false accusations

may jesus christ turn the hearts of people across the world who have a stubborn heart and doubt and those who live and believe false accusations. may lord jesus ABBA father holy spirit change their heart and mind . amen !

2019/04/15 03:43:22

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prayer for recovery

I pray for all the people those who are suffering from cancer and other incurable diseases. may yeshua touch their bodies and heal them , may their life be changed forever . Amen ! thank you jesus.

2019/04/15 00:47:10
Barbara t 🙏amen
tia_29974J Amen 🙏🏼

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thank you jesus amen!

2019/04/11 15:14:52

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26 have prayed

amen !

Amen ,Amen Yeshua!

2019/04/11 07:42:49

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