Patrick Lucas

25 have prayed


when the dark clouds of weak faith hover over me , give me the grace my jesus to hold on to you. amen!

2019/05/07 07:44:14
ara.sul 🙏amen

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30 have prayed


jesus help me to keep rooted in your faith, however strong the Strom of life be. amen! thank you jesus. My God.

2019/05/06 12:36:40

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34 have prayed


lord jesus christ I thank you for this day today. amen!

2019/04/27 13:44:48
Sinead Moore Amen

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23 have prayed


good morning my abba father, jesus , holy spirit, my guardian angel.

2019/04/26 22:18:43

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25 have prayed

padre agnel of pilar

dear padre agnel, please intercede for my most sought favour before ABBA father,jesus christ, holy spirit, that I may get answer to my prayers. amen !

2019/04/24 23:34:22
Teresa D'mello Amen.
Barbara t 🙏🙏

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36 have prayed

padre pio

padre pio please intercede for me before almighty living God of Israel, that he may accept and answer to my prayers. amen !

2019/04/24 15:37:14
Teresa D'mello Amen.
Teresa D'mello Amen.

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25 have prayed

Happy birthday SJV

happy birthday St.Joseph vaz, pls intercede for us in heaven before almighty God of abraham, Jacob, issac. ABBA father through his only son jesus christ. amen !

2019/04/21 10:01:29

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20 have prayed


friends this Easter pls pray for Mr Christian michel, and julian Assange so that they are set free. amen! thank you for all your prayers.

2019/04/20 12:51:23

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27 have prayed


wish you all a happy Easter of risen christ. amen!

2019/04/20 12:15:54
Rcast You too and may God bless you.
Patrick Lucas thank you Teresa. 😊

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42 have prayed

prayer for bail

friends there is a bail plea verdict to be issued at 1600hours Indian time today . pls pary that the person seeking bail may get it to celebrate his Easter with his family. Amen ! thank you all.

2019/04/18 07:23:47
Patrick Lucas pls pray corrected

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