2018/07/24 02:51:47
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Urgent please pray for my dad

Please pray for my dad, he’s going to the hospital now, he has a really high blood pressure and threw up three times. I love my Daddy so much, I need him. We all need him. He had an anyeurism four years ago and I lost my mom to an anyeurism two years ago, God forbid. Please, we really need as many prayers as possible for his healing, please

S Thank you so much, David, Victoire, Patricia, and everyone praying for my Daddy to be healed. I cried when I saw how many people are praying for my dad and to see these words. I thank God for everyone here and for your prayers. Please keep praying for him, he is still in the hospital, but I believe in the power of prayer and that God can do all things. Please keep praying for him, we need him.
Patricia K. God bless you and your Dad! You will both be in my prayers! May the healing love and light of our Lord Jesus Christ touch your father and bring him healing. May our Almighty Father be with you both and bless you with strength, love, and perseverance during this tough time. I pray that His Blessed Spirit would gift you with peace, hope, and comfort through your struggles and be with you to guide you on the path of healing. In Jesus holy, beautiful name. Amen.
Victoire N K En union de prière.
David Deeson Am praying to Our Lady for a successful outcome.

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SUrgent please pray for my dad