2018/07/26 22:22:05
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Urgent please keep praying for my Daddy

Please pray for my Daddy, for a miracle, for him to be healed. He’s in the ICU because he has bleeding in his brain and possible seizures. Please we need as many prayers as possible for his healing. God can do all things. I can’t God forbid lose the only parent I have left on this Earth. We need him so much. Please pray for this miracle, please

Christian C. Seigneur, nous avons confiance en toi. Rien ne t'est impossible.
Esmeralda Prayes
Patricia K. God bless you S as well as your father!!! You are both in my prayers! I will pray the rosary for you both as well as all of your loved ones and those who take care of him. May our Almighty Father work through and bless the hands of those who take care of him that they may heal him by the power of God in Jesus holy name. I pray that the love and light of our Lord Jesus Christ will bring him healing that he may be with you for a long time and glorify our Almighty Father's holy name. May His Holy Spirit bless you with all needed gifting and graces to see you through this difficult time. May His peace, strength, comfort, and reassuring presence be with you and His love surround you all. I pray that our Mother of the Sorrowful Heart would bless you with her merciful love to ease the pain in your minds and hearts, and may you be in her prayers and Immaculate Heart. In Jesus beautiful, holy name I pray. Amen
Victoire N K For your Daddy & for you, en union de prière.
Biruktawit Assefa Kassa Praying with you for your Dad and you
AP Sending prayers for your dad’s healing and for you also S. Amen.

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SUrgent please keep praying for my Daddy