Two pillars that keep us tied to Christ

November 15, 2019

St. John Bosco had a powerful dream on May 3rd, 1868 called the “Two Pillars,” which reminds us what will keep us closely tied to Jesus Christ, no matter what storm will overtake us in life.

The vision illustrated the need to remain firm in devotion to the Blessed Mother and the Holy Eucharist. Here is part of the vision:

In the midst of the immense expanse of sea, two mighty columns of great height arise a little distance the one from the other. On the top of one, there is the statue of the Immaculate Virgin, from whose feet hangs a large placard with this inscription: Auxilium Christianorum—Help of Christians; on the other, which is much higher and bigger, stands a Host of great size proportionate to the column and beneath is another placard with the words: Salus Credentium—Salvation of the Faithful.

The supreme commander of the big ship is the Sovereign Pontiff. 

The Pope stands at the helm and all his energies are directed to steering the ship towards those two columns from whose summits hang many anchors and strong hooks linked to chains.

As members of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, we have a particular devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, who is a model of apostolic availability and who led a Eucharistic life. We are reminded of these two pillars of our faith each day in our Daily Offering.

Philip Kosloski
(Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network  – USA & Canada)

Agustina Cardoso PortaTwo pillars that keep us tied to Christ

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