To be ready

To be ready

In prayer, we usually make lot of effort to get a white mind, clearing out our thoughts. Prayer does not mean “clearing us out” but disposing ourselves to a meeting with an Other. This means to be present right here and right now, such as and where we are, being free, attentive to our senses. Like this, our thoughts will disappear without effort, allowing us to come into our inner silence and waking our heart up to God’s presence.


If sometimes you find it hard to pray and you have the impression that you are not talking to anyone… don’t rush to meditate or read the Gospel! You run the risk of finding yourself alone, falling into a monologue between you and the text. Remember that the first thing is to prepare oneself, body and heart for an encounter.



Sometimes the problem in prayer is that we are so full of ourselves, of our inner talks, of our thoughts, desiring with such fervor to do it well, that we reach the point of wanting to dominate the prayer itself and we accumulate obstacles. Fortunately, nothing stops the Holy Spirit or love!



If you are present in your breath and in your body, little by little there will be silence in your heart and you will awaken to the presence of the Lord. Tell him in your heart: “Here I am.”



In order to be ready for prayer it is necessary to ” pass from head to heart” so that thoughts go away and silence is installed: pay attention to your breathing.




The body at prayer IV.
Our body participates in the prayer. The aim is not to forget my body or find peace, but to dispose my heart to meet the Lord. Therefore, the position of the body can always change depending on this encounter that I desire so much.



“The Quiet, a way of encounter I.
We experience that it is good to be quiet, simply to be there. And it is important, in fact, to keep quiet in oneself. But in this quiet, do we really seek the Lord? In the Christian spiritual tradition, quiet is not sought for itself. The desire to enter into the quiet of the heart and to silence the inner chatter always has as its objective to prepare us to listen to the Other, that we are not ourselves. Share your experience with us.

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