The Presence of the Holy Spirit in the Way of the Heart

July 12, 2019

A young man wrote in his diary: “The Holy Spirit is a precious pearl set in my soul; in such a way that I possess the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit possesses me.” He was absolutely right. As St. Teresa of Avila writes, “My daughters, we are not hollow inside.” On the contrary, we carry within us the Holy Spirit.

The presence of the Holy Spirit is so sweet! The Holy Spirit desires to fill us with peace, intimate joy, and sometimes overflowing comfort. May we become familiar in talking to him, especially on our Way of the Heart. He is our Guest. We must attend to him with affection, listen to him, and be attentive to his inspirations. The Holy Spirit is always speaking within us. This is why it is necessary to silence the heart if we want to hear his voice.

A distracted heart will not hear his voice; but a heart that rests in the inner silence of the soul will hear it and will be able to follow its voice. Let us be ever attentive to this sweet Guest of the soul as we walk the Way of the Heart.

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Fr. Ernesto Postigo, SJ
Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (Spain)

이하람The Presence of the Holy Spirit in the Way of the Heart

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