The joy you seek is within you

June 12, 2020

People have different types of memory. Some speak of auditory memory, because they identify better what they hear than what they see, while others focus on visual memory, because it is through sight that they best remember the events of their life. Others simply say that they have a good memory, because they can recite poetry or sing learned songs.

How do we take advantage of that memory? In times of difficulty, we will often be able to recite poetry, prayers and songs. However, it does not help us get out of despair and we still feel alone.

The memory that would serve us in these circumstances is that of the heart. This is the memory that retains the emotions when a beautiful sunrise woke us up after a stormy night. Or the one that generated a tender hug that a loved one gave us after not seeing them for a time. It could also be the memory that inspired a compassionate and merciful look at a mistake or offense on our part. Last of all, it could be the memory that elicited a tender and warm smile from those who thanked us for our presence.

This type of exercise encourages us to go through the heart again. It is reliving the sensations, emotions and feelings that came to life in us when the Lord, as a tender Father, was present in our lives in circumstances and people.

We must make the effort to remember the times that the Lord was present in our lives and thus not forget the many benefits received. In this way, the joy we seek is within us, in the memories of God’s presence and in the positive experiences we had.

Let’s make a habit of remembering within our heart, so as not to forget the merciful presence of God in our lives and reclaim the joy he placed there.

Fernando Ianchina – Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (Argentina – Uruguay)

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  • Brendan D - June 12, 2020

    The world throws so much negativity at us that it is easy to forget the good things, especially the spiritual ones. I enjoyed reading this.

  • Eugene Silvaggio - June 14, 2020

    Yes, much negativity in the world News. What we need is a positive news network to tell all of the miraculous events that happen daily, that go unnoticed, around the world. These are events that need to be told.
    Eugene & Yolande Silvaggio.

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