2019/04/04 12:27:12
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Let us pray for doctors and their humanitarian collaborators in war-torn areas, who risk their lives to save the lives of others.

Faith andfamily Amen 🙏
Shibu Jacob amen🙏
Christlyn Lord hears our prayers. Amen
Christlyn Amen
sk8ter99 good morning Pope Francis, GOD BLESS U,, this holy week.
Kyuntae Sanders Amen
Rena Forgeron Jesus please protect them all 🙏 Be Glorified in their work 🔥God bless You Papa Francesco 🙌 I trust You and I love you❤️
Bach Pham Amen
Bach Pham Jesus I trust in you
Imad A. Aoun Notre Saint Pere .Vous etes un exemple vivant de l'amour du prochain et votre humilite vous rend si grand et si fort .Tu es mon exemple .Je t'aime mon Pere.
Kevin Narcis may God bless all the faithful and protect them.
Dijana P Dear God protect them all 🙏❤
Esther Pape I will say a rosary to holy mother Mary
Veerle Baert Dank u God om al uw zegen..laat my leven naar uw voorbeeld
Monica Lie-A-Ling Gods zegen Gado blessi
Denisa otče žehnaj nás chráni na tele duší duchu verím že si živý Boh ktorý stvoril nebo i zem a má moc nad telom.,žehnaj nám pokoj amen
Remedios Formacil May the work of their hands give glory to God and be lifegiving to the people they serve because “the glory of God is man fully alive!”
Mariejack Mariejack may god bless them and keep them safe in his care 🙏💖👼
Bright Light 🙏🕯🙏
Michele 0001 May Our Lord watch over and protect them.

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