2021/06/17 12:57:05
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Chiedo una preghiera per oggi e domani. È un momento decisivo. Io rischio un pericolo e male dell anima. E potrebbe andare invano un matrimonio

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2021/06/17 12:52:15
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prayers for Andre having triple bypass surgery

Oh Lord Andre 50 year old neighbor had a heart attack and will have surgery. Guide all the medical personnel performing their job with your hands and all the Ángels surrounding him. We pray Sacred Hearts of Jesus and we trust in you. Amen 🙏❤️

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2021/06/17 12:37:28
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Prayer for nephew

Please say a prayer for my nephew Joey. He is going through some difficult times health wise and with his spirit. He is at a very low point, and is not responding to offers of help. May the Almighty God help him. In Jesus name I ask.

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2021/06/17 12:20:28
4 have prayed


Please pray for my stomach to be healed. This causes anxiety at work, mass, and other places. Makes simple things in life difficult.

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2021/06/17 12:13:22
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Rezemos todos os dias o Rosário pela paz no mundo pela conversão dos pecadores e pela reparação dos pecados cometidos contra o Imaculado Coração de Maria Deus nos abençoe e proteja ámen.

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2021/06/17 11:00:53
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Gratitude for the many blessings God grants every day. May He bless those desire it, peace in spirit and may hearts be open for love and mercy. Marie M.

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2021/06/17 10:56:42
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Hoy, jueves Eucarístico, renovemos la fe y entrega a las enseñanzas del Maestro. Que los mensajes del mundo, en su llamado a desviarnos del camino, sean desechados por lealtad al Buen Jesús, en su Misión de salvarnos. Padre Dios, ayúdanos a llegar a Tu Reino. Espíritu Santo, enséñanos a orar.

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2021/06/17 10:29:37
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For my mum

Dear Holy Father and Holy Mary, I entrust to you my mum. She can cure from stroke and tumour! Please God shields her health and her soul in your powerful love!

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2021/06/17 10:26:02
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Dios disculpa que siempre te pida por mi hijo, más necesito que nos ayudes y le ayudes a seguir su vida creyendo en ti y en que eres hacedor de milagros. Ayúdame a seguir, ayúdanos a poder apoyarlo, que conserve su beca y que todo vaya bien en lo referente a la Universidad y a su vida. Amén

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2021/06/17 10:09:38
17 have prayed

My sons

Today my sons James & John turn 23 & 21. Please pray that God will bless them and pour out His Spirit over them. That He will remove from them all desire for drugs and alcohol, and put in them a Spirit of physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. God bless each of you and fulfill all of your needs

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