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Pray for Syria

My thoughts go once more to the Middle East. In particular to the beloved and tormented Syria, from which tragic news is once again arriving with regard to the fate of the populations in the North-East of the country, among these populations there are also many Christian families.

Hsjw Lekekek ....the.holly.virgin..grazie..prayer.for.yours..buon.natale..prayer.for.peace.and.conversation..amen..
Rosalina Vitales praying for all people in seria eaucharistic heart of jesus we adore you and we praise you in union with the nine choires of angels pls.help all of you mankind creatures on earth amen
Imelda.bennett Imelda Bennett :please pray for baby Charlotte she is in icu since birth 2 months now Lord be merciful.
Imelda.bennett Imelda Bennett :let's pray for all our priest. Lord hear us
Imelda.bennett Imelda Bennett let us pray for the sick people, those suffering from cancer, lord hear us.
msamorales lord hear our prayers.
Terran Military Let us pray that the science of Faith give path to give our military proper purpose in dealing with fatwah from the line of aaron. give us reason, lord, to slay the infidel, and to bring their surviors into the fold through complete christic enlightenment. amen, whatever, amen
KeAkua Aloha ke akua,bless these people who have been tormented much too long
jain May God touch the nation and let word spread among them ..🙏🏼
First Choice Amen God Bless pope Francis and the holy catholic church.
sissoumya msa Amen
Денис Бойков Я молюсь за ваши души.
First Choice 🕊🕊🕊👌👍
First Choice amen god bless pope francis
Dhanya Antony 🙏🙏🙏🙏🕯🕯🕯🕯
EmilDigi@aol.com Amen
reximathimaran Amen
hobbyhorse God bless and keep Syria
First Choice may god bless us all with his precious blood.Amen
Laurie Lee May all beings be happy and free from suffering
JoAnne Owens Prayers go up 🙏Blessings come down❤
First Choice Amen
Rozzie Amen
Ezeji Martins Amen
Paulina Pokorska Amen
roy vergese amen
Charina Dalida Docejo Sescon amen
malcolm hobson amen
Biju Samual Amen
Jorge Luis Briceño Amén
Carla Matos Amen
Eddy Gouloux amen
Eddy Gouloux amen alleluiia
Shine22 Amen
First Choice may god bless them with peace
Jason Marez Let there be world peace and particularly those that are going through persecution, in Jesus' loving name, amen.
mikes04239 Amen
Herawatilukman Lie Lord hear our prayers.
Jomol Kurian Amen
John Patric Amen
Felizardo Zards Perales Amen🙏🙏🙏
Jennifer P peace and justice be in the hearts of the Syrian people
On jest Amen🙏
Евгений Кузюр Аминь
Jacqueline James Amen...🙏🏾
colls 🙏🙏🙏🙏
gracel amen.
Daivaka Amen
Kenneth udemgba Amen
Kenneth udemgba peace to Syria and Hong Kong
xaniaim Amen
a͡u̬̥͖̻̠b͚̻͎͇̲̦͟u͍̪̩r̪̺̘͉̘g̛̞e͇r̬̲͈̲̰ ą̤͔͈̺̻͓̖̖̜͔͇̻̪̗̫̯̅ͦͩ͒̋ͭ̑̈́̚ů̵̧̙̟͉̙̺̙̥̇̓͆̿̆̓ͦ͂̀ͣͦ̒̔̊́͝b̡̭̭̬̺͕̦̑̔̄͒̆́̚̕͝͡u̶̸ͧ͋̍͊̇̏͏̱̘͓̟͎̥̫͇̖̤͈̱̙̺̻̯̳ŗ̻̼̼͈̥̟̺̘͖͔͎̤̾̔ͭ̓̊ͪͮ͌ͥ̔ͮ͂͟͟g̑̾͑̉̅̎̚҉̷҉̧̦̭̞͚̜eͨ̉̅̊͆ͤͫ̉
Ajomon Joseph Amen
Laura Krenz Lord, please protect the Kurdish people in Northern Syria and Iraq. I pray that Turkish incursions will not lead ISIL's resurgence in the area. Forgive US for abandoning our allies.
Rona Christina Manalo-Almazan amen
Χρήστος Λουτραδης Amen
Dr Xavier Perez Lord I need you and I want you - only you can satisfy - please Intervene and wash away all that is not of thy kingdom and restore everything - giving you glory Amen
paul j maliyackal Amen
Kaho Chan pray for Hong Kong
Viktoria Ondrejova nech Danko uveri v Boha
Mike Strom Amen
clemo God of love and peace. You are peace and love itself. In the spirit of humility I pray for peace in Syria and on the whole world Amen
Piotr Skawicki jest modlone normalnie
Esh Kol pray for us
Ricrone was poppin' Francy boi
Mathilda Chua Pray for all the souls in purgatory and those who have just died. I lift up Sister in Christ, Marie Irene Poh who left us on 17 Oct 2019, Thursday evening in Singapore.
Estela Sanchez pray fort Mexico por la violencia
Karen dela Cruz Lord hear our prayers
fgarcia24 For the conversion of all my children and my husband.
Scott David Davidson Amen
Hamzah Choudhury Madting
gary cameron May the Lord bless them all and keep them safe
Scott David Davidson Amen
Jacqueline James May God protect and guide the people of Syria...🙏🏾
Maricella Montoya May all effected know that we are with them through prayer. May they be protected and mercy shown to the people of Syria. Amen 🙏🏽
Maria Jones May the good Lord protect the poor innocent people of Syria who are felt abandoned.
Zakhar Lopatnyuk May God bless the people of Syria. Господи помилуй
Wendy Mason May the prayers from this month's intentions (for peace) be directed towards Syria
Kenneth udemgba may God help and protect them
Mario M. May Lord give strenght to the week and wisdom to those who hold faith of many in their hands. 🙏❤
Anto Antika Guberac Oče vječne ljubavi!❤🙏Molimo te za braću i sestre Sirije!🙏Pomozi im na njihovom križnom putu!🙏
Thomas Rijo Joseph for the aake of your sorrowful passion, have mercy on syriah and on the whole world
NANP May our Heavenly Father look down on the evil in the middle east and vanquish it. Please Father protect the innocent souls that are being slaughtered. 🙏✝️
jos mathews Lord our Heavenly Father look with mercy on the people of Syria
RosieKay Heavenly Father, send down Your Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth
BeaRamos68 Forgive us, Lord, for we continue to not know what we do as humans. Those who adore, love and follow YOU beg your mercy. It is your Hands, Creator, our God. We will continue to pray for those who suffer and for those who cause the injustice and suffering. Amén, Amén We praise and give YOU thanks...
Donajih Robles 🙏🙏🙏
FrJoriz Calsa Sdb may a peaceful solution be found...quickly
Paradisexcali May the spirit of Christ reign in this region for dialogue and righteous action. May Marys immaculate light brings us closer to the divine Chaplet the cure for this age! in Jesus Name Amen!
Miłosz 🙏
Nancy Serrano Lord have mercy on our brothers and sisters in all countries at war, specially Syria
Lydia Alyek For the sake of your sorrowful passion, Have mercy on Syria and on the Whole World
RodlahStaffMaster I pray for peace in the Middle East, Syria, the Gaza Strip and that all borders remain the same & everyone stop fighting once and for all! Trust in God!🙏
vero del toro Amén🙏
Arman Raymundo Lord, have mercy for Syria! May Your love and peace be all upon them, Amen!
Charles Adrian C. Reyna I offer my Rosary prayer to Syria
davidbarajas prayers for Syria to you our brothers and sisters may they Lord keep you safe.
Stephen Power Stephen power amen🙏
Stephen Power amen🙏
Ramona Weinman Mother Mary Mother of Jesus please be a mother to us all and help us to pray a Rosary each day for peace in the World 🙏
Laura Krenz Lord, forgive us for abandoning our allies, and protect all who may come to harm because of this.
Bright Light 🙏🕯🙏🌹🕊
Mariejack 🙏💖📿🙏 Mother Mary pls intercede for Syria and ask Lord jesus to give them peace 🙏📿🙏
adeline May the Lord watch over nations and bless us all with peace 🙏🏻📿🥀
ara.sul please dear lord help us pray for peace please blessed mother accept our rosaries for peace and intercede for our prayers to be answered we love u jesus ❤️ and thank u for ur mercy
colls 🙏🙏🙏
Vyv 🙏
Felizardo Zards Perales I pray for strength and protection of all the people affected right now in Syria. Amen.
Rosa Fusco Amen🙏🏼❤️

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