2019/07/08 10:20:00
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Pray for migrants in Libya

I invite you to pray for the poor unarmed people who were killed or injured by an air strike on a migrant detention center in Libya.

Carla Matos Amen
Alexter Thomas pray and protect them oh Lord Jesus Christ Amen
AnnetteK God Bless Everyone 🙏
meabhmcconnell internal rest grant onto them o lord
BClll God bless
Sateesh Peetha Dear Sir/Madam,. I am unemployed and suffering with financial problems. please pray for me so I will lead happy life with out financial problems
Tessa Hanchey I need some , plug in from rome, outlets.soilder boy,so I'm going threw the vally,father
surendran shanmugam Gs
Mariejack dear lord Please bless your children. take away all the evil from them and keep them safe in your arms. who are left this world bring them to your kingdom. Amen 🙏💖
Loretta Jeanette we pray for peace and Justice in the world especially for the aborigines and all the blessings on them lord hear us amen xo
Agnese Fiducia Amen
Adam Rucobo may the spirit of Christ provide strength and security to the faithful to prevail in truth and evangelization. Amen
ara.sul please dear lord heal and protect the survivors and welcome into ur kingdom the ones who are no longer with us. please archangel michael,protect them from evil
Patricia K. Amen! And I ask that you please pray for my perfect deliverance and freedom from all evil. That I would no longer be controlled or tormented. In Jesus beautiful holy name I pray. Amen!
Noriko Kinoshita 🙏🙏🙏
RodlahStaffMaster 🙏
adeline May the good Lord protect His children under His wings & give them peace🙏🏻📿🥀✝️
Antonella Piacentini I saw those poor population yesterday night, please Good Father bless them and Holy Spirit bright the government's minds Amen! 🌿 💖 🙏 💖 🌿
vergaraE 🙏

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Pope FrancisPray for migrants in Libya