2019/11/04 11:40:00
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Pray for Ethiopia

I am saddened by the violence against Christians in the Tewahedo Orthodox Church of Ethiopia. I express my closeness to this Church and to the Patriarch, dear brother Abuna Matthias, and I ask you to pray for all the victims of violence in that land.

Anto Antika Guberac Isuse!🙏❤ Smiluj se braći i sestrama Etiopije!💔🙏
PaulineNdawula please LORD envelope us in your DIVINE MERCY and PLEASE LORD forgive us our sins.
Loretta Jeanette dear lord pray for peace in the world and all the souls may they rest in you peace Lord hear my prayers
Vijayan Viju lord hear our prayer amen
INeedToRepent I sinned
Sanjeeva Fernando, SJ United in prayer
Do ReMix 🙏🙏🙏☮️🌹
First Choice Amen God Bless Pope Francis
RodlahStaffMaster 🙏
vergaraE 🙏🙏🙏May God have mercy to the nation and people, Amen
Fredericka Price-Valentin Frederika Valentin: 🙏
Sagayaraj Victor Amen 🙏
Bonifasius Pradipta Putra Alam Amen
Steven Buckley Lord, hear our prayers, Amen🙏.
Richard Tyler Blevins Amen
Elsita Amén
Shine22 Amen

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