2019/09/30 10:00:00
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Pray for Cameroon

I invite everyone to pray so that this dialogue might be fruitful and lead to peaceful, just and lasting solutions, to everyone’s benefit

Hsjw Lekekek ....the.holly.virgin..grazie..prayer.for.yours..prayer.for.peace.and.conversation..buon.natale..amen..
AnnetteK Amen🙏
Consolata Ugboko Amen and Amen
Carla Matos Amen
Jacqueline James Amen...🙏🏾
Viktoria Ondrejova the ex prime minister, right?
Lydia Alyek Lord with You everything is possible. intervene please our Lord and God
Cynthia Nesamani May the Lord be with us all and may His Holy Will be done,🔥
Cathy P I pray for Pope Francis in his ministry
Peter Del Negro God bless Pope Francis!!! Prayers for his intentions!!!!🙏
Alexter Thomas may GOD bless and take over the intention Amen
Sserugga Noa Mawaggali May God bless your intentions always and the Holy Spirit guide and strengthen you our Shepherd.
Aasa A Pahlberg A mission of words for those who has a longing heart. A heart able to absorb the meaning of the Gospel. We want the world to see the beauty of the Virgin Mary’s child Jesus and trust in His promises.
Sheeba George may the holy spirit take over the intention
Anto Antika Guberac Neka te blagoslovi Gospodin i neka te čuva!🙏❤ Isuse🙏Molim te za braću i sestre.Kameruna!❤🙏
KeAkua Aloha ke akua ✌
Patricia K. God bless you and all of your intentions! Know that you are very much loved.
Krzysztof Dac Amen 🙏
karimurill Amen 🙏🏼
Felizardo Zards Perales Amen🙏
Nguyễn Lai Thank you my godfather! Amen!
Mariejack Mariejack Amen 🙏💖
Natasha McNutt Thank you for all you do. Amen!
marytran amen
Veerle Baert amen
Sagayaraj Victor Amen 🙏
Thomas Sebastian Thomas Sebastian: 🙏🙏🙏Amen
Thomas Sebastian 🙏🙏🙏 Amen
Bright Light 🙏🕯🙏🌷🌹Amen
ara.sul amen
vergaraE 🙏in Jesus name, Amen🙏
Anto 2019 Amen! 🌿 ❤ 🙏 ❤
adeline Amen🙏🏻📿🥀
BeaRamos68 Amen 🙏Maybe mankind learn to live and love each other instead of competing and suppressing for more and being most powerful. Today’s reading teaches that. 🥰🙏
Mariejack Amen 🙏💖🙏
Reji_George_Kurian Amen So be it

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