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1889 have prayed


Holy Spirit, breathe into our hearts and let us inhale the tenderness of the Father. Breathe upon the Church, so that she may spread the Gospel with joy. Breathe upon the world the fresh restoration of hope.

Karin Hauenstein 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Klára D. Amen 🙏
Hiroto Fujiwara Amen
vergaraE 🙏
ofschristeeraj amen
Karin Ursula Phelps Williams Amen
Simone Klein Amen
Robert Roylance AMEN
Noriko Kinoshita Amen アーメン
Victor Philip Temanil Amen.
Karin Ursula Phelps Williams Amen.
adeline Thank you for the prayer and may the Lord fill all our hearts with the Holy Spirit 🙏🏻📿🌺 Amen
Johny George Johny George Amen
Reji George Kurian Amen Amen.
Mariejack Mariejack Amen 🙏🔥🙏
ara.sul amen amen🙏
rosalieprays59 Beautiful and peaceful words Pope Francis. May our Dear Lord Bless you and guide you through your papal journey I love you. Rosalie
Tessa Hanchey pantry
Tessa Hanchey wood,would
Tessa Hanchey weight,scales ,paper
Tessa Hanchey white cloth
Tessa Hanchey I pray for, Tessa. Teresa.pure.virgin
Tessa Hanchey can you light a candle for St Augustine church, word. it's energy, and light on for my family
Tessa Hanchey can you please pray for my two sons pets. andy family pets. and the ocean that it's health and the cleanless of the area. and for outside animals .nature
Marcos N アーメン Amen from Japan in Pentecost
Theresa Amen
Bright Light 🙏🕯🙏🌷

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