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Lord, defuse the violence of our tongues and our hands. Renew our hearts and minds, so that the word which always brings us together will be "brother", and our way of life will always be: Peace.

Rosalina Vitales glory be to the father and to the son and to the holy spirit as it was in the beggining is now and firever amen..
Carla Matos Amen
Alexter Thomas God bless Amen
BClll God bless
Nuri Warzecha We pray to you father. Y
Vinnie Coppola AMEN
anne-marie pearce amen
Laarnie Guimpayan Lord be merciful to your people🙏🙏🙏amen.
Noriko Kinoshita Amen
sr.mereena vijayan Lord hear our prayer
megannrtn Amen
debby581 amen
Alexander Mora Amen
vergaraE 🙏
ofschristeeraj Amen
Karin Ursula Phelps Williams Amen.
Tessa Hanchey bless our table and our brothers and sister s
Bright Light 🙏🕯🙏🕊
sknudsen Amen🙏
ara.sul dear jesus let the world hear our dear Pope’s prayer for we all desire a more peaceful Earth, please bless our Pope Francis and all who try to heal our world. Amen
Marion Deckford Shalom
adeline May the Lord fill our hearts with the Holy Spirit and guide our conscience as we go about our daily lives 🙏🏻📿🌺 May the good Lord continue to watch over you, Pope Francis and thank you for creating this Prayer Network!!

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