Prayer is not a matter of rushing to read the Gospel or recite a prayer. Prayer is an  ENCOUNTER with who has created you, loves you and seeks you infinitely more than you do it for Him. Try to meet God: 1. Take some time alone with you. 2. Find a body position that invites you to pray. 3. Concentrate on your breathing. Try to find yourself and pay attention to your body. You will see that it will help you a lot to meet the Lord.


Prayer is “meeting with God in an intimate dialogue, like a friend speaks to other friend”. Prepare the MEETING with God! Take a look on the details, look for a good moment, an appropriate place. The silence of the heart arrives; it is a gift of the Creator to meet Him.



The body at prayer II.
It is a question of always being in search of a body position that allows us to find what we want and desire. When I look for a body position it is always in order to FIND THE LORD.



The body at prayer III.
My body position helps me to be present before the Lord more easily. Taking the time to place myself, to breathe, to be present in my body, prepares me interiorly TO RECEIVE THE OTHER.”