May 15, 2017
2281 have prayed

Evangelization:That Christians in Africa, in imitation of the Merciful Jesus, may give prophetic witness to reconciliation, justice, and peace.


Lord Jesus, Prince of Peace,
you ask us to be,
always and in every moment,
instruments of your peace.
In so many places in the world,
wars caused deep wounds among the peoples,
which take a long time to heal.
This month,
we pray in particular for Christians in Africa,
who lived and currently live during war,
to be, in their countries,
the first witnesses
that make you dream of the idea that forgiveness is possible,
that peace is lasting.
We also ask that in our small daily wars,
let us not be carried away by hatred and resentment,
but let us open our hearts to the humility of forgiveness and peace.

Challenges for the month

  • Pray for Christians in Africa, to witness peace and reconciliation, after times of war between groups and countries.
  • In personal life, look for situations where you are not at peace with someone and seek to reconcile with that person.
  • Seek to know and support institutions working in reconciliation between peoples in countries that are or have been at war.
May 2017