March 15, 2017
2047 have prayed

Evangelization: Help persecuted Christians

That persecuted Christians may be supported by the prayers and material help of the whole Church.


God of goodness,
throughout the history of the Church
Christians were persecuted because of their faith in Jesus.
Today, this persecution takes on dramatic proportions
and is difficult to understand
in a world where we talk about tolerance and respect for differences.
To be a disciple of Christ always involves the cross and incomprehension,
but there are times when this weight is almost unbearable.
Often, they are realities distant from us, culturally and physically,
the news comes to us in a filtered way
and we are not aware of the terrible situations
and why so many brothers and sisters in the faith are persecuted.
Give them, Lord,
the grace of strength and hope,
and to us,
the grace of a restless heart,
that we may not be too comfortable in our lives and try to do something for them, urgently.

Challenges for the month

  • Make known, with friends and acquaintances, through social networks, the persecution of Christians that are silenced by social communication.
  • Organize, in the communities themselves, events of prayer and awareness for persecuted Christians.
  • Send material help to institutions working in these situations of persecution.
March 2017