June 15, 2018
71874 have prayed

That social networks may work towards that inclusiveness which respects others for their differences.


God our Father,
give your children the ability and creativity
to make this world a place of communion.
Today it is easy to be united with people from so different places and cultures.
Help us to take advantage of the possibilities of human ingenuity
to build a world more in solidarity, closer to each other’s struggles,
a world capable of accepting differences and where justice, peace and truth reign.
Give us your Spirit, so that each of us may do our own small part
in promoting the good use of social media.
Our Father

Challenges for the month

  • Observe how people interact on social networks, what arguments and discussions are most popular and what concerns they reveal.
  • Seek to have a positive and constructive attitude in social networks, sharing content that promotes solidarity and respect, truth and good reflection.
  • Discover good projects of evangelization in social networks and also try to bring the voice of the Church and its proposals to these spaces.
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