January 25, 2015
9 have prayed

Universal: Interreligious Dialogue

That sincere dialogue among men and women of different faiths may produce the fruits of peace and justice.

Evangelization: Christian Unity

That by means of dialogue and fraternal charity and with the grace of the Holy Spirit, Christians may overcome divisions.


Lord God,
with immense love,
revealed to humanity,
communicate with your children
to show us the right path.
Today, Lord,
I ask that all believers may dialogue
to build a more just and fraternal world.
I ask that different religions and Christian traditions
are not a source of conflict and división. Instead let us
commit to the search for peace and service to all who suffer.

Our father; Ave Maria and Gloria.

Purpose of this month:

  • To respect and not dismiss people throughout the month who have a different religion.
  • To organize or participate in prayer for peace.
  • To better understand the richness of other religions and other Christian traditions that are around me.
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