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Human Trafficking

Let us pray for a generous welcome of the victims of human trafficking, of enforced prostitution, and of violence.

Christlyn Lord hears our prayers. Amen
Esther Pape Lord have mercy!!!!
Nonni Tamburelli Most especially the Human Sexual Tracking of Children. It forever takes away their innocence. Average lifespan is 7 years. Destroys families & society. The PERPETRATORS MUST BE STOPPED!
judy pious ave maria
Ricardo Rojas Mary Magdalena pray for us
Mariejack Mariejack God bless you
Saul jacob Gallegos very scary sad peaghetci thing to do to each other ...just like abortions...taking people lifes ...
BClll God bless 🙏🏻
Deana Sis Padre Francisco, que Dios lo escuche y se detenga el tráfico humano. En México y todo el mundo. Amen
Maringlen Molla Please pray for my family and for me and my wife to take the british paper's , GOD Bless you Pope Francis and all you, Amen
あかさたなかな God bless to you?
Vincent Cheeves Let us pray for real peace for the love of Christ in us all
Northern Dancer Thank you God, Pope Francis, the prayers & voices of us faithful & Archbishop Vigano for defrocking the reptilian, evil Cardinal McCarrick, the unrepentant cause of so much abuse, suffering, loss of faith, hope & life! We pray for all victims, & this be the first of many! JMJ Save Our Church!
senaida Please pray for my family and friends Special for a dear friend struggling with cancer , thank you and God bless everyone.
Sandra Navarro praying for Salvador Rodriguez in Jennifer Rodriguez to make that awful sickness go away and also that he does good in school and graduates thank you amen
Yong HO Park Aman
Nguyễn Hồng Hạnh Please pray for Human’s rights in Viet Nam. Amen
Nguyễn Hồng Hạnh Pray for Viet Nam, People who live in Viet Nam don’t have happinesses, Holy May pray for us.
Lorena Diaz lets pray
Lorena Diaz Our Lady Of Fatima Papa Francisco Abada Padre Pio we love you
Agnieszka Kubińska Más y más crueldad. Para otros, la naturaleza, todas las obras de Dios. ¡Debemos conocer y amar la Cruz de Cristo! Después de él, él no baila! Su adoración. ¡No dejes que le rompa el corazón!
Rena Taa Dear Papa Francesco bless me and my son please.. God bless You, I trust You and I love You ???? May Holy Mary protect You ??
Thuy Nguyen please pray for my family, in very difficult times that we remain strong and strike it through. holy Jesus and Mother Mary receive us pray Amen!
Northern Dancer Dear Holy Father, please pray & speak for the end of ALL forms of pornography, & evil, deviant behaviour. These evils promote the unspeakable desire for slavery, rape & greed. Please, Holy Father, speak & action now. I am a victim of rape...do you read these comments & prayers?!?
Colleen Pope
Colleen Poor Francis, I love you so so much! My family is really struggling right now. Please pray for us!! ❤️ It is my dream to meet you. You are so so amazing!!!
Tesia Wrobel I trust you Lord
Northern Dancer Holy Father, you need to rid the Church of Satan & the plans for its destruction. Please speak out against abuse within the Church & punish the guilty. I was one-week old when I was baptized by a pedophile. Please realize how deep, powerful & influential human traffickers are. God bless!
Maribel Herrera How could I but these app in Spanish for my mom. Some words I can’t translate to Spanish.
Lorena Diaz Papa Francisco lets pray
Lorena Diaz Our Lady Of Fatima Papa Francisco I adore you
gzuzisalive This app is amazing, just what was missing in my life
Zhenya Vasylyshyn Hi man, cool stuff there
Thuy Nguyen May the Lord Jesus and Mary receive our prayers!
Zully Que Dios bendiga su Papado y sus desiciones sean llenas del Espíritu Santo ? Cuente con mis oraciones Santo Padre. Cuídese mucho pero no deje de gozar las cosas lindas de la comida y la vida que Dios nos da. lo amamos, abrazos fuertes desde USA. ?? ????‍♂️
Veronica Esquivel Pope Francis please pray for me.
Sandra Navarro please pray for my son Christopher and Jennifer Rodriguez to make that ugly stick sickness go away thank you amen
Ron Lybrand Please pray for my mom . She is the heart and soul of my family. My daughter and son and of course me want her to be healed. She has taught us to have FAITH. We do???
Ron Lybrand In Jesus’s Name
Vincent Diaz Jr. Pray for the violence prototype for unpunished violence against any individual to end as forces try to murder with pain and psychological warfare. I am attacked so frequently if I tried to journal each attack I would be far behind in hours. I have no way to control this warforce except God's wrath.
justinoreilly thank you Pope Francis.god bless us all.
Rena Papa please pray for me
FranDeasy Bless everyone taking action on this, Father,give them your courage and strength
Jacob Sakura Amen
Lorena Diaz Papa Francisco Abada
sk8ter99 Lorraine Carr god bless holy father,have faith thank u.
Rena Taa Abba ...God bless You Papa Francesco :)
Esther_375BC Dear Jehovah God, Blessed are You, Jehovah our God, King of the universe, whose power and might fill the world. psalm 82. You Jehovah God take Your stand in the congregation of Jehovah God, in Your own congregation; You judge in the midst of the gods. How long will nations, political powers, and ea...
Paris'Edgerton Thank you Father Francis! Amen@HailMary
Northern Dancer Thank you, Holy Father, for repeatedly bringing this horror to the attention of the world! We pray for the victims. Keep up your courage and speak, pray, speak! Greetings from Canada! God bless!
BClll God bless ??
Trust in Jesus Kyrie eleison
Liam Engle Amen
Thuy Nguyen Amen
Baiadalynti Christine Lanong Amen
Ron Lybrand AMEN ????????
Cristine Solis Amen ?
Mr. Nosochek Я хочу заняться ездой га тракторе
al amen
Rena Taa I pray with You Papa..God bless You..
Dipper Play (DipperPlay) u ar gay
Nanitas Amén

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