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Jessa Marie Bustillo

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Papa God I SURRENDER to you all our FAMILY'S FEARS & HURTS.Guide us that in this times of challenges we will be able to make & follow the path you have designed for us.COMFORT our hearts that our decisions will not be motivated with anger due to hurt.BE our STRENGTH and guide us to always.AMEN

2020/08/10 19:32:18

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Change of heart

Papa God I am sorry.For doing things without your guidance.M heart is filled with hurt & is leading to anger.CHANGE my heart & guide me to be able to change & be once again obedient to you.Change my heart like that of my son's so that I can easily forget & forgive.So that hatred will not linger.Amen

2020/08/10 19:30:11

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Praise & Thanksgiving Guidance

Papa God thank you for another day.Life,good health,family together & understanding & opportunities.PRAISE all of the wonders you have set for us.Guide us today that we will be able to acknowledge & give thanks to all the blessings that you will give.Guide that we will be able to share/duplicate it

2020/08/10 19:27:26

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Family comfort & peace

Papa God give our family PEACE & COMFORT despite all the challenges that we are facing and is yet to come.COMFORT us at all times.Grant us PEACE in your loving arms.Lead us to a simplier & contented life with you as the center & our savior.Guide us to a contented life with you.WE PRAY FOR PEACE.

2020/08/09 21:10:45
Philip Wing Kwok Chan 🙏🏻Amen

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Thanksgiving & Praise

Papa God thank you for today's gift.Life,good health,good family relationship,family Peace & Opportunities.We ask you to GUIDE us as we live today.Guide that we will be able to follow your path & bring joy & blessings to others.Guide our acts & motives that it will just be to pleased & praise you

2020/08/09 21:08:04
Philip Wing Kwok Chan 🙏🏻Amen

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Papa God I ask your forgiveness.Grant me this & a peace of mind because of what I have done.GUIDE that I may be able to see the goodness in it & guide that I will be strong enough not to commit the same mistake again.I ask your forgiveness for not doing things your way & guide me to be follow you

2020/08/09 12:18:18

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Thanksgiving & Praises

PAPA GOD thank you for being with me & my family throughout the week.We have been blessed & challenged yet our faith in you remains.Thank you for the guiding us.Our minds & our actions that we were able to do things your way.Continue to guide us so that whatever we will face our faith in remains.

2020/08/09 12:15:53

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Praise & Guidance

Papa God Praise all the wonders that you have showered upon me & my family.Life,good health,Family together & opportunities.BLESS me/us that we will be able to do our mission set by you today.Guide that we will be able to fulfill your entrusted mission to us.That we will be able to share to others.

2020/08/08 19:08:21

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Prayer of Family

I PRAY for my family that we'll be guided to do your will.FOr PEACE & simplicity & contentment of our life with you & in you.Prayer for PEACE in your name.Prayer for all the families who are battling problems & trials in their family.Pray that we'll learn to live a family like Jesus Joseph & Mary

2020/08/07 20:02:25

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Thanksgiving &Praises

Papa God THANK YOU for the gift of LIFE,GOOD HEALTH,FAMILY UNDERSTANDING & OPPORTUNITIES.Guide us today that we will be able to cross all the trials & challenges that is to come with you.GUIDE that we will be able to identify you in all situations & we will be able to APPRECIATE you.Praise all good.

2020/08/07 19:57:31

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