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February 23 2021

February 23 morning

2724 have prayed

With Jesus in the morning

I wake up on this day. I am aware of the thoughts that inhabit my heart. I open my hands asking the Spirit to help me know the will of the Father for my life. Jesus says in the Gospel: “When you pray, do not say too many words” (Matthew 6:7). I realize that prayer is not so much about speaking as it is about listening. I ask the Spirit to raise me up from sleep, giving me the gift of listening attentively to the voice of God who speaks to me. He communicates his love to me in silence, in a creation that rejoices and groans and in the brothers and sisters who rejoice and cry. I offer my day for the women victims of violence, as well as for the preparation of the World Youth Day 2023. Our Father…

February 23 morning

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