February 1, 2019
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For a generous welcome of the victims of human trafficking, of enforced prostitution, and of violence.


God, our Father,
many times we feel powerless in the face of evil,
when the power of this world surpasses our abilities.
Help us not to let ourselves be overcome by discouragement,
but to be open to your Spirit,
and creative within our own circumstances.
May we never stop looking at the faces of our brothers and sisters who suffer
and may we always feel responsible for them.
May our prayers and concrete actions
be a sign of your closeness and your love.
Our Father…

Offering Prayer

Father of Goodness, I know you’re with me.
Here I am on this new day.
Put my heart once more
next to the Heart of your Son Jesus,
that is given for me and that comes to me in the Eucharist.
May your Holy Spirit
make me your friend and apostle, available to your mission.
I put in your hands
my joys and hopes,
my works and sufferings,
everything that I am and have,
in communion with my brothers and sisters of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network.
With Mary, I offer you my day
for the mission of the Church
and for the Pope’s prayer intentions for this month

Proposals for the month

  • Put yourself at the service of institutions that are dedicated to rescue people in situations of human trafficking and help them economically or through voluntary service
  • Brainstorm, in your family or in community, some concrete initiatives to help a person that live in these situations.
  • Organize, in your parish community, or other groups, a moment of prayer for the victims of human trafficking, in which all share information about this topic.
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