February 15, 2018
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Universal: Say “No” to Corruption

That those who have material, political or spiritual power may resist any lure of corruption.


Gracious Father,
you are the source of all truth.
Your Son Jesus came to show us that true power
is in a service that is humble and disinterested,
putting other people’s interests in front of your own.
This month, I want to ask you to send your Holy Spirit
on all those who have government responsibilities
in society, in institutions, in the Church,
so that, following Jesus’ example,
they may live your mission with freedom and truth,
staying away from all corruption,
and always protecting the most vulnerable.

Our Father…

Practical guide

  • Confident in the grace of God that touches the hearts of all who turn to him, I pray, individually or in group, for all those who have civil, political or religious power, so that they do not allow themselves to be dominated by corruption.
  • Make an examination of my responsibility as a citizen of my country. Am I aware that there is a social good of which I am also responsible?
  • In my interactions with other people, do I take advantage of some situation of superiority for my own benefit, or do I use responsibly the power that has been given me, as father, superior, boss, to serve those entrusted to me, seeking, above all, their good?
February 2018