2020/11/02 11:59:38
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Faithful departed

Today we pray for all the faithful departed and especially for the victims of the #Coronavirus: for those who have died alone, without the caress of their loved ones; and for those who have given their lives serving the sick.

Brenda Harris For the family of Cory Johnson
Anna Reyes for all hospital workers who are overwhelmed and all essential workers God bless them!🙏
Eugene Silvaggio Oh Lord, can you please speed the departure of this virus from the face of the earth so that we may return to a normal way of life and serve you as we all should. Thank you, almighty God in Heaven.
Dang Bui khuyet tat
Ashley Sumner Lord destroy all these bad bacterias that threaten our lives, destroy all the viruses too help us heal us save us Amen.
Laura Krenz For those who have died from covid and for those who are living with the long term side effects.
Joanna Sanders I have been an RN for over 20 yrs and appreciate the prayers for this is a horrible sickness but we know that our God is in control!! Praise be to God
Rosalina Vitales sending prayers for souls in porgatory. magdalena.gerardo.rodolfo alejandro.jaime sr.perfecto lilly.rolly.jimmy.marilyn.morena.karen.james.ian christopher.martina.gregorio.dioquines.dionisio. napoleon from vitales family
abine44 Amen
🇵🇭vergaraE 🙏#PrayTogether for greater good, Amen
patnaikv patnaik God is with everyone Praying for Happy wishes to be fulfilled

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