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Chair of St. Peter the Apostle

We are celebrating the Chair of St. Peter the Apostle. Pray for me and for my ministry--also for Pope Benedict--that I always and everywhere confirm my brothers and sisters in the faith.

Christlyn Lord hears our prayers. Amen
Esther Pape St. Peter pray for us!
Nonni Tamburelli Dear Holy Father, most beloved of God, there are many of us, who in knowing you serve on the Chair of St Peter as Christ's representative on Earth, are greatly concerned regarding the 2030 agreement you signed with the United Nations. Can you please address your actions in doing so.
judy pious have maria
Deepa Immanuel LORD please protect pope Francis with your precious blood
Jane Noven ♥️♥️♥️
Bergenstråhle Ingrid Amen
Esther_375BC Dear Jehovah God, please forgive me just this once for my misguided prayers. I know that I know nothing and understand nothing. But this is what I believe about Pope Benedict. He is what they would call “possessed by a demon” but what I know in my heart to be misunderstood. Pope Benedict has...
Esther_375BC Dear Jehovah God, and for all these may Your Name, our King, be continually blessed, exalted, and extolled forever and all time. Ps 90 Lord Jehovah God, You are YWYS’ place of refuge in all generations. Before the mountains are born and You give birth to the earth and the world, even everlastin...
Karen Caryl Please pray for my mentally ill daughter who lives on the streets, uses some drugs and seems to have her personal devil. Thank you.
Rena Taa God bless You Papa Francesco, thank You for Your love, we love You too so much ♥️, You are in our prayers, we trust you and we belive our Father guide You and protect our Church and all World 🙏 God bless Pope Benedict 🙏
Laurencia Lobo Holy Fr. I shall pray for you and Pope emeritus Benedict.
HAL RABAK May God Bless our Holy Father Francis & Pope Emeritus Benedict as they lead our Church through these turbulent times. Hail Mary...
Northern Dancer Holy Father, we are praying for you & Pope Benedict. Please do everything necessary to save the children & comfort the victims whose souls cannot rest; who live every moment with broken bodies & hearts! Shepherd the poor sheep! Lumen Christi! JMJ St. Peter St. PiusX
Michele0001 Lord, please watch over and guide Pope Francis, as well as Pope Benedict.
Mumbere Nobz God I want a grade in UNEB 2019 I mumbere nobert mubunga
Robin Varghese Lord please hear our prayers. Amen
philomela Dear Holy Father, use the Chair to demand concrete action on the church's abuse of minors. Carpe diem.
BClll God bless Pope Francis and the Church 🙏🏻
uomemvenus eu 🔞

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