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On Oct. 15, 1885, only a few months before her 13th birthday and on the feast of Saint Teresa of Avila,Thérèse Martin officially enrolled in the Apostleship of Prayer (now known as the Pope's...

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Shortly after my ordination last June, I was invited to give a homily on the readings of the day to a rosary group of the parish. It just so happened that the group was meeting that night in a...

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Pope Francis has asked his Worldwide Prayer Network to help all the faithful pray more intensely this month of October.

During these last years and months, we in the Church have...

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It is important for the busy Christian, to “find God in all things.” St. Ignatius surprisingly even says that this is easier than more abstract prayer or meditation. This is the goal, but how, more...

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International Team at Click To Pray
Simon Lochbrunner, S.J. (National Director, Germany)
Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network


On August 20, 2018, Pope Francis wrote a letter to the People...

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Do you want to change the world? One of the most important activities to do, before going down to the local soup kitchen, is to pray.

Why is that?

It may seem counterintuitive, but the more time we...

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Each year on September 1 Christians around the world celebrate the “World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation.” It is a day to reflect on our stewardship of the world that God has given us and...

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The fastest growth in the 2000 year history of Christianity is happening now in Africa. In the year 1900 there were 9 million Christians in Africa. Now there are 500 million Christians out of 1.2...

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The Holy Father urged that education and employment be guaranteed for African youth. This was his message in the September edition of The Pope Video, a project of The Pope’s Worldwide Prayer...

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I wish to raise the question and challenge of how does one “grow in devotion”? Does it mean simply more rosaries, more time in Church, or more saints that we ask to intercede for us?

All of this...

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